WIAScan Scanner Setup

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WIAScan Scanner Setup

SMSTurbo V10 will work with any flatbed or other input scanner that is WIA compliant. Consult the manufacturers documentation to determine if the device has a WIA compliant driver. In version 10 we do NOT work with TWAIN compliant drivers.

Simply setup the scanner to work in Microsoft Windows® with its provided software and WIA driver  Then run SMSTurbo, login as an SMS user with administrator privileges. Navigate to Utilities, Configuration, SMSTurbo, Addon Interfaces  and select WIAscan in any ticket boxes where you want the scanner's images to display.    

Select save and close. Exit SMSTurbo and relaunch. Create a new ticket. Enter the preliminary information. When ready click on the box that is set to display the scanner output and left click once on it. It should launch the scanner to pull the image.  Hover over the box to see that image. Multiple boxes will display the same image.                                                                                                               .

In the above screen shot the WIA scanner images will appear on the main ticket screen in box2, and on the ticket detail screen in box1

The images will be stored in the ticket for later retrieval with that ticket..  Please keep in mind that images on tickets greatly add to the stored size of the ticket within the SQL database.