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SMSTurbo Utilities

SMSTurbo Utilities is a software configuration tool for the SMSTurbo Software.  It allows users to edit the design and functionality of the SMSTurbo software. The Utilities allow for specific configuration of the SMSTurbo software such as ticket functionality, Unattended Ticketing, Trucks, Materials, Customers or Vendors, as well as the optional information about Orders and Locations.  SMSTurbo Utilities can be accessed from the Utilities icon located on SMSTurbo tool bar.

See links below for each menu item.

Launches the Company Setup menu for settings related to Company information

Access to Database Tools - SQL Tool, Backup and Restore Database, Purge Tickets or Other Data, Export Tickets or Other Data, Import Ticket, Import Other Data

Access to Clear Totals  for Customer Order / Rates and  Site Limits

Access to Conversions for Materials

Access to the User Tools for creating and editing User Logins and permissions.

Access to Translation Setup

Configuration Menu for SMSTurbo   and  Unattended Configuration

Access to the SMSTurbo Client Update Tool

Access to Plugin Manager for extended functionality of SMSTurbo

Shows the Software Information Window