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User Defined Fields in SMSDesign

User Defined Fields (UDFs) are accessed from the Utilities -  Configuration -SMSDesign Menu on the SMSTurbo Tool bar.  User Defined Fields is an option that allows users to add additional functionality and design in SMSTurbo.  Users are given the power to define and add custom fields with specialized functionality and rules for gathering data not supplied by the software. User Defined Fields will appear on the ticket entry screen or other SMSTurbo windows.  The User Defined Fields Option must be enabled in SMSTurbo Options.  Please contact SMSTurbo Support as the feature you are trying to access may not be available or the feature may not have been purchased.

NOTE: These tools should only be run by an SMSTurbo Administrator or SMSTurbo Support Representative.

See Instructions below for Creating and Editing Ticket UDFs and Other UDFs. Users can also Import  and Export UDF definitions at the same location.