Update Truck Tare

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Update Truck Tare

SMSTurbo allows for Weigh Masters to update a truck's stored tare weight "on the fly"  from the SMSTurbo ticketing screen or from the Truck Maintenance screen.  See steps below to update a truck's stored tare weight.

Update a Truck's tare weight "ON THE FLY" via SMSTurbo ticketing

Note: In order to use stored tare weight on a truck you must have purchased the tare option for SMSTurbo v10.

If you did not purchase and enable this option you will not be able to save a tare weight with a truck.

If you do not have the tare option and you attempt to save tare weight in the truck maintenance record you will see:

You will be able to enter weight onto the ticket in the tare field to store with that ticket.

1. Launch  the SMSTurbo Ticketing window.

2. Click the lookup icon next to the truck field and the Lookup Trucks window will appear.

3. Find the truck in the list that requires a new stored tare weight.

4. Right click the truck from the list that needs a new tare weight.

5. Click "Tare this Truck".

6. Enter in tare weight and click the OK button.  NOTE:  If the ScaleCOM interface is configured, the weight will appear if the truck is on the scale.

7. The truck's stored tare weight is now changed.

Update a Truck's tare weight manually from the Truck Maintenance

1.  Open the Trucking - Truck Maintenance Window from SMSTurbo Ticket Entry Screen.

2.  Click the Truck Lookup button or type in the TruckID then tab.

3.  Browse for the required truck and click open.

4.  Enter the truck's new stored tare weight manually and click save.

5.  Return to the ticket screen and select the truck. Verify the tare weight appears in the insert new detail window.