Topaz Signature Pad and Fingerprint Setup

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Topaz Signature Pad and Fingerprint Setup

You will need a supported Topaz signature pad. Most of the rest of the necessary software, drivers comes with SMSTurbo V10.

(Note: It is possible to use the Merchant Partner installed Ingenico 250 swipe card and signature pad reader which

comes installed with your credit card installation as your signature pad to capture signatures for the ticket windows, like the Topaz. See the article at Credit Card Setup In SMSTurbo V10 for this information).

USB Model Topaz Signature Pads

To start make sure the sigpad/thumbpad is not plugged into the computer!!

1.        (Sigpad)Run the setup for Topaz sigpads located in

            C:\Program Files (x86)\SMSTurbo\RuntimesAndDrivers\sigplusnet.exe

1a.       (Thumbpad)Run the setup for Topaz thumb pad located in

           C:\Program Files(x86)\SMSTurbo\RuntimesAndDrivers\sigidp1.exe

2.        Go through the setup and be sure to select the correct tablet model (located on back of pad) if prompted.

3.        Plug in pad.

4.        (Sigpad) Go to the C:\Program Files (x86)\SMSTurbo\ folder and run the program  for  the particular model

           (i.e. Topaz766SE or Topaz464) We do not support Topaz model TFS-463 (sigpad and thumb)

               and attempt to sign or thumb the pad as a test. If it works continue to 5.

4a.        (Thumbpad) Goto the C:\Program Files (x86)\SMSTurbo\ folder and run the program  for  the particular model

            (i.e. TopazFP.exe) and attempt to sign or thumb the pad as a test. If it works continue to 5.

5.        Open SMSTurbo and login. Go to Utilities, Configuration, SMSTurbo, Add on Interfaces.

Select ticket screen devices, signature pad.

6.        (Sigpad) Double click the Signature pad  box under Misc Ticket Screen Devices\Interfaces and select Topaz766SE

           or Topaz464 (depending on your device) from the SMSTurbo folder and select it.

           Please note that the signature pad may also be captured in other ticket windows per below.

6a.       (Thumbpad)  Double click the Signature pad  box and locate TopazFP from the folder and select it

7.          Both: Select the boxes in "Ticket Screen Imaging Devices" and "Ticket Detail Screen Imaging Devices"

            you wish the device to capture to. On "Ticket Detail Screen Imaging Devices" add the device and whether

            you want it to trigger manually or when weight is obtained.

8.         Close SMSTurbo and restart, Make a simple ticket and test the views for input.

Topaz Bluetooth TLBK 460-BT2-R Installation and Troubleshooting

Enable Bluetooth on the workstation hosting the BT signature capture device, in

Control panel, Device Manager if present otherwise you will need a Bluetooth (Belkin) USB adapter.

This process has been tested on WIN 7 and WIN 8.1 machines, utilizing a Belkin 4.0 USB Adapter and the

Topaz DemoOCX utility.

Do Not Install the BT dongle/adapter software yet, if using that!!!

INSTALL the Topaz software FIRST Making the correct selections for your Topaz model,  use the COM3 connection option from the Topaz website which will allow you to get the latest version of the software.

Download model specific installer from

In this case, I used the link to wireless pad : T-LBK460-BT2-R

1.        Download the SigPlus Pad's Installer and Driver file: <>

                    I used Steps 1, 2 on the screen that loaded for the exe load instructions which included:

2.        Run the exe you just downloaded.
(You may have to run as Admin, as it writes to the C:/Windows directory)

i.        You will see a screen asking for Communication Port. Pick one. Use com3. We will reconfigure it using the INI file in a later step.

ii.        It will ask you if you want to place a shortcut on your desktop for the DemoOCX tool. Click YES. This is the test utility provided by Topaz.

3.        Step 5: Download the user guide, if you want it: <>

You should be using a version of the Topaz464 for V8  latest version,  V10 current version .

Install Belkin Adapter software on test machine.

Insert USB Dongle in an available USB slot on test machine.

Insert Belkin Install DVD

Browse to correct OS folder (XP/WIN7/WIN8)

Run the appropriate Setup.exe

Follow on screen instruction

Pair the Bluetooth Device:

Make sure the Signature Pad is charged, and disconnected from the power cord.

Move the Power switch above the signature area to the right to turn power ON. Green light to left of switch will glow.

Go to the Systray, and find the Bluetooth Symbol.


Right click the symbol, and choose Add a Bluetooth device...

A window should open and available devices will populate in a list.

Click the SigPad model you are trying to connect to, then click PAIR

The pairing code for the Topaz pads is 0000   (all zeros)

The device should run through a couple of Bluetooth services screens (no interaction required)

A bluetooth symbl will appear in your system tray.

click on this to get info about Bluetooth in Windows. Scroll to thebottom and you should see:

Test using the Topaz supplied Demo.ocx utility. Double clcik to launch it from your desktop.

Press the "start" button. Apply a sig to the pad. You should see the signature appear.

Not working? Using Demo.ocx (Topaz supplied test software) or Topaz464 in turbo?

check the following(In the case of the:

Control panel, Devices and printers, locate the bluetooth pad. check the com port listed there.

Make sure the sigplus.ini file under c:\windows is set correctly.

specifically the TabletComPort, TabletType, TabletModel.   The same as the screen shot below.

Also check User\user\appdata\local\VirtualStore\Windows\sigplus.ini is also set correctly.

If they are not change them and save the file.

Run SigPlusAdjust to make sure the changes are applied correctly. You will see this screen.

Note the com port which is correct  for the SigLiteLCD1X5. Select "Update"

you will get the message that the "Update Completed successfully"

Test the demo.ocx utility again. Press the "start" button. Apply a signature to the pad

Test the CIS supplied Topaz464 to see if it is working as well.

If the Topaz464 file does not allow interaction check that you have the latest version

from CIS which has Bluetooth support.

Running the Topaz766SE utility to customize the text and image on the Topaz766SE Signature Pad

(not applicable to the Topaz464 application)

It is possible to run the SMSTurbo provided application for the Topaz766SE signature pad and

set the background image and the actual text layout of what is viewed on the pad. Follow the below

instructions for this purpose.

In the c:\program files (x86)\smsturbo\ folder locate the file "Topaz766SE.exe"

Double click to run it.

To configure the 766SE signature pad, click on the ‘Setup’ button.

You can configure the screen text to have up to 255 characters.  

There is a convenient drop down selection tool to pick items from the database.  

SMSTurbo does not have a method to insert a CR or LF.

Alternatively, you can create and insert a background image.

A template to begin with is located at P:\Knowledge\SigPad\SigBack4x6.bmp.  


Here is an example of the BMP image, modified in MS paint to display text:

Notes to remember;

The entire screen is still available for signature.

The entire image is set to the SMSTurbo signature box, and is available to insert on a report.