Ticket Component Lookup Window

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When creating a ticket in SMSturbo certain fields must be entered onto the ticket in order for it to allow you to continue.

These are the essential components of the ticket which constitute a transaction. To do this you must either

1. Create the name of the item on the spot (where allowed) or you must 2. pull up a pre-defined item such

as a previously created customer or order. To find them you select the lookup button next to the field.      

The rules for how this Lookup is performed are the same for all the items looked up on a ticket.

Read here on how this is done.

We will use the Truck Lookup window as an example.

How to use Lookup

Click into ANY of the Column Header fields in the Look Up window to start searching for that field.  If you click the Description column, notice the text above changes to "Lookup Truck by Description".

1. Place cursor into the " <Type to Locate>" Text box.

2. Type the registration number or associated text of the truck you wish to locate.  You need to enter at least the first 3 characters of the registration field / value.

3. The associated trucks that match search criteria  will appear in lookup results window.

4. Load  the selected truck to the SMSTurbo Ticket Entry screen by double clicking the highlighted row or Clicking the Save Button.

NOTE: Click the Filter tab for additional sorting features based on specialized rules. See Ticket Filter for more details on

Ticket Lookups and click here for more information on Other Lookup Filters

Additional search viewing

At the bottom of each lookup window an additional sorting window  may appear depending on the lookup window you are searching in.  

A drop down arrow will present the available choices.  Additionally the "Filter" tab at the top of the window allows lookups by comparing certain attributes

of each lookup component.

The Truck lookup shows these options defining "All" trucks with the parameters versus trucks that still have a transaction or tickets "InProcess".

Truck lookup window differences

Truck filter description.

Trailer lookup window differences

No options below are presented.

Trailer filter dsescription

Customer lookup window differences

The search may include All or just Vendors or just Customers.

Customer filter description

A date range may be presented for the user to enter a specific date range to pull information under, as in the "order" lookup window.

Order window lookup differences

This option will show all orders created from a certain date.

Order filter description

After results are obtained click on the result to pull it into the ticket.