Ticket Browsing

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The SMSTurbo Ticket Lookup window is launched by using the Browse Tickets  button from the SMSTurbo Ticketing screen.  Users can review and open all tickets in the SMSTurbo Database. Specifically, users can Browse, Open,  Not Priced, Dispatched, or ALL tickets. See Ticket Lookup window for instructions on using the ticket lookup window . Users can also apply specific Filters to limit the tickets returned in the window.  See definitions for the Ticket Lookup window below.

Use the Apply Pricing button to apply pricing to the lookup windows current ticket selection. See Apply Pricing in SMSTurbo pricing for more details.

Use the Line Up   and Line Down buttons to scroll through the lookup window's current ticket selection.

Use the Save button to select the highlighted record and view ticket in the SMSTurbo Ticket Entry Screen.

Use the  Cancel  button to cancel current entry and return to the SMSTurbo Ticket Entry Screen.

Use the drop down filter to change the ticket types.  See Ticket Lookup for more details.

Use the lookup feature to search for specific ticket data listed in the headers of the current ticket selection. See Ticket Lookup for more details.

Use the From and To Date fields to change the ticket selection based on a date range. See Ticket Lookup for more details.

NOTE: Any column headers in the Ticket Lookup window (or any SMSTurbo lookup screen) has the ability to change the column order.  Move a column by clicking and holding on the column label then drag the header to the required location. Click the Save button after moving any column header or the new column order will be lost.