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The Maintain AR Terms window allows Customers to be linked with specific pay information related to invoicing.  The Terms are accessed from the Customer screen in SMSTurbo.

See steps below on how to setup Customer Terms.

1.  Look up and select a Customer.  Click the text box next to Invoice Terms on the Maintain Customer screen to create an Invoice Term.  Once a Term is created, it will appear in all Customer's Invoice Terms drop down menu as a selection.

2.  Enter a numeric Term Number.

NOTE: Existing Term Numbers can be edited by typing in the Term Number and pressing Tab on the keyboard. Or click the search icon to select from a list of existing Terms.

3. Create a Description for the Terms. Typically a description matches the type of terms (IE net 30 days)

4. Edit the Terms values

5. After creating and saving a new Term, go to the Customer Maintenance Invoice Terms drop down to link the new Term item with that Customer.

Use the button to store the Terms record.  

Use the button to cancel current entry and clear all data from the screen.

Use the button to delete this Terms record from the database.