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Synchronization of Data

SAGE50 Customers, Vendors and Inventory Items to SMSTurbo

The Customer, Vendor and Inventory Item data in SAGE50 can be interchanged with SMSTurbo Customers, Vendors and Material through the SYNCHRONIZATION function.  You can only sync from SAGE50 to SMSTurbo.  

These interchange rules must be followed:

SMSTurbo Customer IDs must match EXACTLY the Customer IDs in the SAGE50 customer file.

SMSTurbo Customer Names must match EXACTLY the Customer Names in the SAGE50 customer file.

SMSTurbo Material IDs must match EXACTLY the Inventory Item in SAGE50.

If you have existing Customer Accounts in SAGE50 and you wish to copy them over to SMSTurbo, you should do some housekeeping first.  In SAGE50, go to Lists, Customers & Sales, Customers, Review Transaction History to determine your ACTIVE customer database.  You will only want to bring over current customers.  To make a SAGE50 Customer Inactive go to Customer List, Maintain Customer screen, double click the Customer and to the right of the Customer ID, check off Inactive.

Ensure all the customer data is complete and accurate (addresses, telephone numbers, contact names, etc.)  Customer IDs in SMSTurbo have a maximum of 15 characters, valid characters are A-Z, 0-9, dash and underscore. No spaces allowed.  If SAGE50 has Customer IDs with invalid characters, make the existing Customer Inactive and set up new customers with valid characters in the Customer ID field.  

Make sure you have the correct SAGE50 open.  If SAGE50 is set up with Users and Passwords, the User logged in to perform Synchronizing must have proper authorization.  If access is denied, the User’s authority level will need to be edited.