State Of Ohio Recycling Upload Tool

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State of Ohio Department of Public Safety Upload Authorization Tool

          In order to meet the State of Ohio regulations for the proper reporting of certain types of recyclable materials the agency offers a web based service that can be accessed on line via a mass update tool, directly pulling the required information from tickets in SMSTurbo V10. This document is met as a customer facing instructional on the specific information the state needs in order to process these tickets, and how to get it entered.

CIS/IT setup side

Associates at Creative Information Systems need to perform some setup on one of the SMSTurbo clients in the customer’s production/live environment. The tech must create ticket UDF’s and extended UDF’s that allow the customer to enter specific information for those tickets to be uploaded. Additionally, the Upload tool provided by CIS has to be present and run from the SMSTurbo folder. It can then be launched from the desktop via a shortcut.

This section specifically addresses how to setup those UDFs to meet the State of Ohio scrap metal transaction submissions. It also is a useful primer on setting up UDFs and some low level programming for those UDFs. For upload customers in Ohio these fields must be present on ticket forms and to classify certain transactions. The following document outlines the steps for doing that.

In SMSTurbo V10 navigate to utilities, User defined fields, ticket UDFs

There are three required Ticket UDFs that need to be created as shown below:

PlateNum: License Plate of Vehicle
PlateState: 2 Character State Abbreviation
OHDPSUPLOAD: When checked, this indicates to the upload tool that this ticket should be uploaded.

If the fields already exist but named something different, edit the UDF and change its name to the correct name.

i.e Plate# needs to be PlateNum

There should be several xUDFs in the Customer, Material and TKDetail tables as shown below:

Select "Utilities", "User defined fields", "Other UDF's". Click on "customer" on the left.

If the Extended UDFs shown above are not present than run ComWedge to create them.

In SMSTurbo V10 simply navigate to Utilities, Configuration, SMSTurbo, ComWedge and click on the button "Add

Extended License Fields to the database"

These xUDFs are all added by SMSComWedge however only four are required for the upload

xID_Image: Picture of License  (if this field is not present after running ComWedge then manually create it

by selecting "Add new UDF". On the next screen enter the UDF name and type "binary". Select the

"Launch Editor" button. Type "image" here and save.

After you have determined that all 4 required fields are present click on "Material" on the left.

On the "Maintain Material", "Misc" tab you will create 3 UDFs shown above.

1. xOH_ExportType: This can have one of the following values:


Click on "Add new UDF". Enter the name "OH_ExportType" Set it to type "alpha", length 25.

Hit the "Launch Editor" button.  Enter this line "list (METAL NOT RECYCLABLE|RECYCLABLE NOT SPECIAL|RECYCLABLE SPECIAL)

Save your changes on both screens.

Create the following two UDFs by selecting "Add new UDF". enter the name, select type "numeric",

and set the length to 2 or greater.



These three values have other required fields that go along with them.


METAL NOT RECYCLABLE requires that you fill in the notes field on the Ticket Detail entry screen with a description.

RECYCLABLE SPECIAL        requires a picture of the item on ticket detail screen, photobox1

All Three                            requires a picture of the seller on the main ticket screen photobox1.

All Three                            require a picture of the seller's id stored on the vendor, misc tab at bottom under ID_Image

Customer Use Of The Tool and Making Up loadable Ticket Transactions

New fields may appear on your tickets if you did not already have those fields., ticket detail screen, maintain vendor records Misc tab, maintain material Misc records.

These fields are as follows in the order of their use:

Required fields*

Step 1

Maintain Material, Misc tab

*xOH_ExportType   This field has three choices:        METAL NOT RECYCLABLE

                                                                                       RECYCLABLE NOT SPECIAL

                                                                                       RECYCLABLE SPECIAL

*A code found in the Ohio documentation is entered in

One of 2 boxes. “NONSPECIALCODE” OR “SPECIALCODE” If the classification created for that material in Step1, defines it as one of these 2 types.  The default is 0 and 0 is not read as a code. Only one box at a time will ever have a code entered, if either.

All materials that will qualify as materials eligible for reporting will need to have these attributes defined. Which materials are what types are defined in the SOH tables below. Simply select your choice from the dropdown menu. Complete this tab for all materials.


Maintain Vendor

Each vendor must have certain information stored for them. These are on the main

vendor maintenance screen, Vendor tab.

*Address1 -an address must be entered here and/or Address2.

*Address2  -an address must be entered here and/or Address1.

*City  -enter vendor’s city

*State  -enter vendors state

*Zip/postal code     -enter vendors zip or postal code.

On the Vendor Misc tab

*XID_FirstName      first name of vendor/customer

*XID_MiddleName   middle name of vendor/customer

*XID_LastName    last name of vendor/customer

*XID_Image     id card image (not shown in Screenshot at bottom of page, clcik on this filed to run a scanner to create an image of their ID.)


How to create  a ticket using materials requiring reporting to the State of Ohio

In addition to creating tickets in the way they are normally done certain information

Must be entered on the ticket, and ticket detail screens.

Main ticket screen

*Ticket Date  -filled automatically

*Ticket Number  -filled automatically

*PlateNum   -license plate number of vehicle involved in the transaction.

*PlateState  -2 letter state abbreviation

*OHDPSUPLOAD  -checked or unchecked. Use this to mark the ticket as a ticket to be uploaded.

Basic programming can set it to be Y or N by default.

*Photo1  -should contain a picture of the person selling the material

Ticket Detail Screen

Once a material is added double click on that material detail line.

*Notes:  -information must be entered here if material is METAL NOT RECYCLABLE in the notes box.

Enter a brief description of the material on the notes field.

*If the material is classified as RECYCLABLE SPECIAL a picture of the material sold must

  be present on picture box one (Dphoto1) on the detail screen.  

Technical Specifications for Scrap Metal Daily Transactions Submissions


Running the Upload Tool

User Name: This is assigned by OHDPS
Password:    This is assigned by OHDPS
Facility #:      This is assigned by OHDPS

To install this with SMSv10 simply locate the OHIOSMDTS.exe in the SMSTurbo folder. Double click on it to run.

A shortcut may be placed onto the desktop but the tool must be located in the \smsturbo folder.

After entering the credentials information for log on, and running the tool,those values will be saved when the tool is launched again.

Choose the dates you wish to upload transactions for and click upload. Each ticket is uploaded one at a time. So if a ticket fails the other successful tickets will still be uploaded. A message at the end will inform you of how many tickets uploaded, failed, and the total tickets considered for upload. If any tickets failed you will be prompted to see a list of those tickets so that they can be corrected if needed.

In the case of a ticket failing the tool will provide an error message explaining why.

Note that tickets can not be uploaded more than once to OHDPS.

The customer may use the same credentials to logon to the State of Ohio web site to view uploaded tickets or

to delete them if necessary.