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                                                                                    Simple SSMS (SQL QUERY TOOL)

The SQL Query tool in SMSTurbo Utilities Database Tools  provides an editor for querying the SMSTurbo SQL Server database.  This feature is mainly used by CIS Support Personnel.  In order to use the SQL Query Tool, a password must be entered.  After entering the password, click the OK Button to continue.

the user will be presented with the Simple SSMS management screen shown below.

Running Simple SSMS from the executable outside of SMSTurbo

The executable Simplessms.exe may be launched by double clicking on it in the SMSTurbo folder. If this is done the user will be allowed to choose any server and instance available on their network and then be prompted to login to the SQL instance exactly like if running

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Login with SQL or Windows authentication.

Select Next.  Choose among the available SQL databases in that instance or go back to the previous screen to choose another instance.

Select Finish. The main SimpleSSMS screen will appear and resemble the Microsoft SQL Management screen.

Enter the text of the query and click on the Execute SQL button. The results will be displayed in the gray box below. Use the New Query tool for creating SQL queries. The left hand pane displays all the SQL Tables triggers, functions, views and stored procedures in the SMS database. Double click on a stored procedure to have it's code display in the right hand query window. If you right click on an item in the left window you can delete or edit an item, then execute it, to store it.

Multiple queries will be tabbed for your convenience.

The following features are available.

Adding Tables

Adding Columns

Setting Primary Key on Table

Enable/Disabling of Triggers

Edit Triggers, Functions, Stored Procedures and Views

View Primary and foreign Keys on tables

Syntax Checker

Execute multiple Selects and updates and see all results like SQL Management Studio

Save/Load .SQL files

Add/Modify Extended Properties on Tables, Columns, Views and Stored Procedures

View Extended Properties in the selected language IE: XML or SQL or C#