Split Ticketing

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SPLIT TICKETING - Insert Additional Material Detail Line

The SMSTurbo Split Ticketing feature allows users to add more than one material on a ticket.

Note:        If the Split Ticketing option described above is not visible, you may not have purchased this SMSTurbo feature.

          See SMSTurbo Options or contact SMSTurbo Support for more information.

Scenario One:  There may be a weighted item (tn) as well as an Each (EA) item.

The sample ticket above shows one material.  The truck weighed in with a gross weight, unloaded some mixed material in the yard.

Yard inspector wants the weigh master to add 2 tires that were in the load as well.

Click the insert material line icon and add 2/Each Tires at $5.00 each, adding $10.00 to the initial ticket amount.

Scenario Two:

There may be two Materials going out of your facility but only one truck hauling them.

The Truck's tare weight is 10,000 lbs. (empty) before loading the first Material.  The first Material being loaded will be River Stones.

Truck comes back on scale once the River Stones are loaded into the truck.  The read Scale Weight for the Truck's gross weight is 15,000 lbs.

The River Stones were 5,000 lbs or 2.5 tons.  Next, they will be loading Bricks.

Click the insert material line icon and add Brick as the second Material with a Tare weight of 15,000 lbs. (same as the Gross weight on the River Stones)

You will manually enter the tare weight of 15,000 lbs on the Brick detail line.

The Truck gets loaded up and returns to the scale for final scale reading.  Gross weight is 21,000 lbs.  Bricks are 6,000 lbs or 3 tons.