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SMSTurbo Signature CAPTURE

The SMSTurbo Signature Capture feature allows for Topaz device signatures and fingerprints to be captured and stored with the SMSTurbo ticket.



1. The SMSTurbo Signature Capture Option must be enabled in the SMSTurbo Options.

2. The Signature Capture Interface must be enabled in the SMSTurbo Utilities - Configuration - SMSTurbo -  Addon Interfaces screen.

3. The Signature Pad hardware and software must be installed and configured.

Supported Topaz Devices:

How to Capture a Signature

1.  Click on the Capture Signature button in the SMSTurbo ticketing screen.

2.  A Signature Capture window will appear in the SMSTurbo Ticket Entry screen.

4. The customer signs his or her signature on the Topaz Signature device and the signature appears on the screen.

5. The Weigh Master verifies the signature is correct and clicks the Accept button or Click Clear to clear results and resign.

6. The signature is now visible from the SMSTurbo ticketing window. Hover over the image to see an enlarged version of the signature.

7. Click into signature field again to recapture the image.

8. Click the X in the upper hand to cancel out of the window and not store the image or Click Clear Ink to clear and reset the capture signature.

7. Click Accept at the ticket screen to store the signature and return to the ticket window.

Signature Capture Interfaces

The Signature Pad interface is configured in the Utilities - Configuration - SMSTurbo - Addon Interfaces

NOTE:  If you see the message "Can not detect a tablet! Are you sure that it is plugged in and the software is installed?"

Make sure the Signature Pad device is connected to the computer and the device driver software has been installed.  Please review the section entitled

Topaz Signature Pad and Fingerprint Setup for further assistance.