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Overview of maintaining Customer shipto

The Customer ShipTo feature allows you to define a Shipping address and tax locals (different from the customer address) and then select that delivery address when creating the Customer's Order and to auto populate the order information.

NOTE: A Customer can have more than one shipped to address defined.  Multiple Customers can use existing Shipping Addresses.   The Shipped To Address is linked when creating a new Customer's Order.  See steps below on how to edit and maintain the ShipTo information in SMSTurbo.

1. Go to SMSTurbo Maintain Customer screen and look up, select an existing Customer who needs a shipping address defined.   Right Click in the gray area of the Ship To Addresses tab.  Click Insert New.

2. The ShipToNumber will auto populate as Ship To addresses are added.

OPTIONAL VALUES: These fields can be left blank if they are not required.


3. Ship To Name - Name of the Shipping Address        

4. Address -  The Address where the customer's order will be shipped

5. Address 2 - A second address line

6. City  -  City where customer's order will be shipped

7. State / Province and Postal Code - State where customer's order will be shipped and zip code

8. Miles - Amount of Miles the Shipping Address is located from the SMSTurbo site

9. Tax Locale - The local / tax location used for applying taxes on the Customer's Order

10. LocationID - The Location / 2nd Tax location used for applying taxes on the Customer's Order

Use the button to store this ShipTo record.  

Use the   button to cancel current entry and clear all data from the screen.

Use the - Update All button to update ALL of the customer's existing Orders with the new ShipTo address values. The new address can be linked to a Customer's Order via the ShipTo button on the Order Screen.