Scanshell 800DX

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ScanShell for the 800DX License Scanner

1. Make sure the device is not physically connected.

2. Run SilentInstaller in c:\programfiles (x86\SMSTurbo\RuntimesAndDrivers\Scanshell\SilentInstaller.bat

A CMD box will launch, wait till it completes and closes.

3. Plug in the device to the SMSTurbo client's USB.

4. Run SMSScanshell at c:\programfiles (x86)\SMSTurbo\SMSScanshell.exe.

NOTE: if more than ONE DB is present, use short cut with DB=# )

This will prompt you to place the calibration sheet that comes with the scanner in the scanner.

Allow the application to complete the calibration. Once you get the message "calibration successful",

Log into SMSTurbo with a user account with administrator authority.

6. Go to Utilities, Configuration, SMSTurbo, Addon Interfaces

7. Under Ticket Screen Imaging Devices select the box you wish to display the image to in SMSTurbo ticket view.

Using the drop down arrow select SMSScanshell.

8. If you wish this device to be available under Ticket Detail Screen Imaging Devices boxes in Addon Interfaces you must

add SMSScanshell  to this section to the box you wish. Select whether it is triggered manually or by weight.

9. Open a new ticket and test the license scanner in the views. Check that the fields read from

the license properly input to the ticket.