Scalecom and Weight Settings

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The application called ScaleCOM first needs to be setup and reading live weights.

For help with the setup of the actual ScaleCOM application please go to ScaleCOM Weight Application Setup

Otherwise once ScaleCOM is showing live weight readings perform the below configuration in SMSTurbo to pull the weights into SMSTurbo tickets.

ScaleCom Interface Settings

ScaleCom Interface Type is selected from the drop box. Choices are TCP/IP which will require an IP address In the appropriate Scale Number box along with the Port to be used ( is typical). File writes the indicator output to a shared file or Clipboard to be read by other computers using SMSSQL. IDENTICAL SETTINGS MUST BE USED IN THE SCALECOM APPLICATION SETUP. Do not use ScaleCom turns off the weight capture in SMSSQL.

Decimal points for weights allows for fractional weights in tons, kg or lbs.

Confirm Weight is Read Only, when checked, confirms that weights were from scale readings not manually entered.

ScaleCom Summary Mode, when checked, if scale is sending multiple weights, adds weights for total.

Use Save and Close to record changes. Use Cancel to Close without recording changes.

For information on setting up a scale connection to Turbo without using ScaleCOM proceed to Simple Scale Setup

For more information on ScaleCOM please view the section called  ScaleCOM Weight Application Setup