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General Settings - General 1 Tab

Print Pricing when checked, will allow prices to be printed on the ticket unless overridden by the "print pricing" button on an order for the customer.

When checked pricing will be printed on the ticket.

Auto Truck ID when checked, allows the system to create a ticket without a Truck ID. Truck Usage will not have accumulators.

This cannot be used with the Dispatch Info feature enabled. The ticket number becomes the Truck ID.

Auto Set Cash Received when checked, will automatically display the total amount of the ticket into the Payment Amount window on the Payment Info tab. If not checked, 0.00 will display.

Order Number Required when checked, will require an order on each ticket at open or save time.

Use Default Order when checked, auto fills the Order with the earliest entry date in the table. If not checked

no default order will appear for that customer when a ticket is created.

Default New Orders With Any Material On when checked, all new orders created will have the "any material"

button checked on the order maintenance screen.  If unchecked, only materials available in the rates section of that order,

will be available to choose for that order on a ticket.

Enable Trailer Field on Insert when checked, will allow you to select a trailer after selecting a truck on a ticket.

If unchecked, when selecting a truck, the trailer filed will be unavailable unless the trailer attached button is

selected for that truck on the truck maintenance screen.

Default Invoice by Order to On/Off when checked, will cause the "invoice by order" check box to be checked

on the customer maintenance screen, and will be applied to any new orders created for that customer.

Signature Warning Level set level to determine when the warning prompt will appear

to get the driver's signature on the ticket if not already entered. A signature pad must be loaded

in add on interfaces for this to work. Set to 0-both incoming and outgoing loads will warn the SMS user.

1- Just incoming loads and 2-just outgoing loads. 3- No warning displayed.

Signature Warning on First Pass when checked, warns the Weigh Master to get the signature when

only the Tare weight is entered on a ticket when the ticket is saved.

Only Allow Trucks on File when checked, will only allow trucks already in the truck file to be used.

Tax on Delivery when checked, will tax on the material delivery rate portion of the ticket.  If locations are

used then the Tax on Delivery check box on the Location Maintenance has higher priority and overrides this setting.

(Note: This is not used and will not function if Locations are employed). The material delivery charge tax rate will use

the company tax rate on the company master page.

Tax on Cost when checked, will tax on the delivery cost portion of the ticket.

Material Taxable Default when checked, will set a new inserted material to taxable.

Auto Hide Tool Bar when checked, will automatically hide the main SMS tool bar, unless the SMS user

hovers over it with their cursor.

Stop when over Max Weight when checked, if Max Wgt is used on TruckID setup, the SMS user will receive warning message when creating a ticket that the truck is over maximum weight, and it will not allow the user to enter that weight.

Ticket Logging when checked, will store each ticket and ticket changes to a special table in SQL. Checking ticket logging

will not work unless activated by CIS personnel as a working feature.

Multi Axle Weighing when checked, allows additional Gross or Tare weights to be added on a single truck pass in Scalecom, and then into SMSTurbo V10. This is commonly used when a scale is too small to fit the complete truck on the weight platform.

Use Windows Login when checked, uses the Windows computer login, instead of the SMSTurbo user login, as long

as that user already has an account with that name in SMSTurbo. If the windows user is already logged in, the SMSTurbo

application will launch to that user without any login prompt.

Show Backup Warning when checked, enables a dialog box on the SMSTurbo client warning you when the last SMSTurbo database backup was performed (via the SMSTurbo backup, not SQL). This message appears 30 days after the last backup. One SQL backup must have been performed from SMSTurbo(utilities, Database Tools, Backup Database, already, in order for this to work.  

Warn on Invalid Weights-This switch will warn the user if the weight entries do not match the direction of the ticket.

Ticket Form Auto Complete when checked, enables Type Ahead on the Ticketing screen. The item(s) that match the typed text will be displayed in drop down list.  You can set this type ahead feature to "suggest" or present a list of possible results

when typing or "append" which will immediately add the suggested result to what you are typing. Both, which will do both of those.

Notify End of Ticket when checked, tells ScaleCom that the ticket is complete. This switch is not enabled for use

with most customers.

Set Order Complete when checked, a message will pop up asking you if you want to complete the order when you have ticketed the amount equal to the order complete % box on tab 2. Upon saying yes to the message the order is removed as an order that can be selected during ticket creation, and the order status on the maintain order screen changes to "complete".

Turn on SMSTurbo debug messages when checked, stops and displays a command prompt window with logging upon each new interaction in SMSTurbo to help with diagnostics.  The command window appears at login time.

Re Use Old Signature (CTR-L Pull that truck's last  ticket completed) when checked, allows for the truck's last ticket to be recalled without any weights but with all the other details of the previous ticket including the signature. Without the check all details will be pulled except the signature. (See here for more information on SMSTurbo keyboard shortcuts)

Show SQL Info Messages when checked, will display the SMSTurbo programmer's debug messages onto the SMSTurbo ticket screen. Used by CIS for troubleshooting only.

Do Not Recall Ticket UDFs with (CTRL+R Pull last ticket completed on the system) when checked will not pull the last ticket done UDF values when a ticket is recalled via CTRL+R. CTRL+R will pull the truck plus the last ticket entered on the system, and if checked, without the UDF values on that ticket's main screen.

Do Not Recall Ticket Detail UDFs with CTRL+R when checked will not pull the last ticket done on the system with ticket detail UDF values when a ticket is recalled via CTRL+R.

(See here for more information on SMSTurbo keyboard shortcuts)

Validate Maintenance Data-checking this box will turn on the ability to validate maintenance data. (CIS use only)

Tax on Material Profit- Will only apply system tax on the difference between the material price and material cost

on the maintain materials page. If no difference exists than no system tax will be applied when this is checked.

Keep ticket Windows In AppFrame- Select this check box, save general settings, relaunch SMSTurbo,

and ticket windows will only stay within the main application window. If unchecked these windows can be dragged

outside of Turbo to any part of the user's desktop.  This will allow the new ticket window and the ticket browse

Show Choose Scale Window- Select this button if you wish to display the scale selection window that appears when a new ticket is created.

General Settings - General 2 Tab

Ticket Numbering

Used with Multi-Site option to identify this sites ticket range as well as the current ticket number used. This avoids duplicate tickets from different sites. If Multi-Site is NOT used you MUST leave the range from 0 to 0.

Current Ticket

Current last stored ticket.

Misc Charges

Use the drop box to set Pricing, Misc on Ticket Detail as a fixed charge or multiplied by quantity when used.

Tax Rate %

Set the Sales Tax rate here.  Company wide Tax.  This is used when there is a simple tax statewide and the site only services 1 state.  Additional taxes are set in the Locations and Orders.

Default Material Direction

When prompted during ticket creation to select a direction for a material, incoming and outgoing, the direction

selected here will appear as the default choice on top on that prompt.

Truck Warning Days

This is the number of days before getting a ticket warning when using a TruckID with an Expired Permit Date.

Default Customer Credit Status

The default status value assigned when setting up a New Customer.

Order Tons Complete %

Set to the percentage completed on an order, to begin getting a message during ticketing, asking you if you wish to complete the order.


UDF Authorization (Ticketing)

Ticket UDFs that are created with the Field Number 1000 and up will be created on a tab on the main ticket view.

Field 1000-1999 will be on tab1. 2000-2999 on tab 2 and so forth. Creating a UDF in those ranges creates the tab

on the ticket screen. The permissions to access these UDF tabs can be set individually for each tab here. If a user does

not have the authority, the UDF tab will NOT be visible to that user. All tabs without a defined label will be called "misc".

Save Inbound Operator Info

When checked, allows the system to record the SMS operator of the ticketing screen on the inbound pass. Text identifies

information being saved. The information will be placed in the remarks section on the main ticket screen upon the

ticket being closed out on the second pass. Re-open the ticket to view the remarks. Remarks already there from

General1 tab will also be present.

Cash Display Enables the cash display option  When a ticket is opened a separate display window appears which will display an idle message specified here until the "pay" button is pressed. Once that button is depressed the window will display the Ticket Total: Received: and Total Due.  Once the "pay" screen is exited the message will revert to the idle message.

General Settings - General 3 Tab

Mapping API Key:  This will allow the SMS user to use the mapping buttons on the customer and order maintenance screens. Selecting the  map button on these screens will create Mapquest directions to the customer's or order's

listed address from the company's main office address  listed under Company Setup.

The Mapping API key is obtained from Mapquest

Putting in an incorrect or nonexistent address into either the customer's, order's, or company setup windows

will cause the "Map" button to generate an error.

Otherwise Mapquest directions are created in the form of an SMS report that then may be emailed printed or saved

like other SMS reports once the "map" button is selected on the lower right at one of the 2 locations, maintain customer, maintain orders.

 Map button

RSA Web Address, Remote Support Access

Sets the remote support button to or comparable web site.

System Remarks

30 character field that sets a remark on each ticket.

Split Ticket UDF Image Formula

Use the Save and Close Button to record changes. Use the Cancel button to leave the screen without recording changes.

Ticket Browser Data Page Size -change this value to allow more or less tickets to be displayed in the ticket browser window before a performance degradation.

Ticket Browser Batch Size

Print/Store on signature Cap  Check this box to have the electronic signature trigger either the print/store button,

the store button, or neither. (none). If the pull down has the print/store option selected the moment an electronic signature is

captured either manually or automatically, the print/store button will be activated to store and print the ticket.

Weight Units

For whatever scales are being used, set the minimum weight increment that can be used in a manual weight entry.

For example, if scale1 is set 20.0 then all weights created have to fall at the nearest 20 lbs.  This would be weights

like 2320 lbs or 2340 lbs, but the operator would not be able to enter a weight of 2310 lbs.