SMSTurbo Ticketing

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SMSTurbo Ticketing

What is SMSTurbo Ticketing?

A comprehensive set of ticketing features to record truck or industrial scale transactions.  Tickets may be organized by trucks, customers and materials.  SMSTurbo simplifies ticket creation and transaction accuracy because it can automate the entry of ticket data. Ticket entry in SMSTurbo is simple, intuitive, and easy for any operator.

SMSTurbo can automatically record scale weights. It links to industrial scales and indicators produced by all leading manufacturers. Operators can record unit quantities for non-weighted materials such as each, cubic yard, bale, foot, gallon, etc. You can even create your own units of measure for both weighted and non-weighted items.

Payment processing can be recorded immediately. Tickets can automatically be linked to popular accounting systems such as QuickBooks for reporting and invoicing.  For a list of interfaces to popular accounting packages, click here.

To meet regulatory requirements or for increased transaction control, SMSTurbo is easily configured to capture electronic signatures, fingerprints, driver license or other document scans. Photo images of trucks, loads, materials, vendors and customers can be captured and attached to tickets. Transaction data can easily be reported to required agencies such as Leads Online.  

Unattended operation is available for inbound and outbound ticketing.  Truck and driver identification may be entered manually or with a number of automatic card scanning options such as Vehicle RFID, magnetic strip reading, bar code reading and proximity tags. Click here to learn more about scale indicator kiosk solutions.

SMSTurbo is compatible with the scales and indicators supplied by the most popular industrial weighing equipment manufacturers.