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SMSTurbo offers Account Receivable Billing within the software application.  The BILLING option must be turned on under Utilities -View Options/Update Keycode.  See SMSTurbo Options or contact SMSTurbo Support for more information.

The SMSTurbo Billing option is an Account Receivable module that enables you to create Invoices through the Accounting Billing process or from Billing History, make Payments against those invoices, produce customer statements and have the ability to apply Finance Charges.

The Accounting menu for SMSTurbo Billing will show Billing, Billing History, GL Accounts and Escrow (if Escrow was purchased).

Setting up GL Accounts

Go to Accounting - GL Accounts

Add General Ledger Accounts pertinent to your Billing.  Add an Account Receivable and Sales Revenue GL accounts, at minimal.

Setting up Billing Transactions

Go to Accounting - Billing

Click Setup

Enter the GL account numbers from your Chart of Accounts in your Accounting software.

The GL account numbers are the same account numbers assigned in the setting up GL Accounts section above.

AR GL = Account Receivable Asset account number

AR Sales GL = Revenue account number

AR Cash GL = Operating Bank Account

AR Charge GL = NA (SMSTurbo Billing is not mapped to accept credit card payments)

Discount GL = If discounts are given for early payment remittance, this would either be an expense or net against the Sales account

Finance GL = Revenue account number

Deposit GL = Asset account number or Liability if customer prepaid (escrow)

Company, Order and Location Tax GL = Liability GL account for Tax Payables