Report Designer

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The  Fast Report Designer window is accessed by clicking the Design Selected icon from the Report Manager Window.  The Designer allows SMSTurbo Reports to be edited via the Fast Report Designer.  There is also a developer version with a larger feature set and is available from Creative Information Systems on request. See details below.

This function will allow many adaptations to the stock reports.

Highlight the report to be altered and click on the Design Selected button.

The report will appear in the design form.

Select the Page Header Band. Page Header will not highlight but the report tree will change. Click on the last column that needs a name.

Look in the Report Tree, under Text 21, to see that there is no text in the box. Click in the box and type DIR. Click in a blank spot on the form to create the edit in the form. In this case the letters are the wrong type size, and not bold.

With the text highlighted, change the font size and click B for bold. Click a blank spot on the form to see the results.

The finished report must be saved. Click on the save icon or go to File, Save, Save As. A dialog box will appear.

Save as Custom version of this report is highlighted. This is the best option to use as it keeps the base report and adds the new report. Base reports can be overwritten by a software update. The report will be saved with the same name.

Save over the base report is not allowed in this version of the Report Designer.

Save as New Report (Custom Report with a new name) allows this report to be added to the custom reports menu.Choose System (All) users or a particular user and give the report a unique name (no spaces).

Click the Save Button to add the report to the database.

The SMSTurbo Report Center will now use the customized report.