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The SMSTurbo Reporting - Report Center Home screen is accessed by launching the Reporting button on the SMSTurbo Client application.  Each report can be run by double clicking the Report Icon.  

After selecting the report parameters and clicking OK, the report will display on line and the user can then email, print or save the report.  

Truck Reports - List and Usage

Customer Reports - Labels, List, Orders, Rates and Usage

Material Reports - Costs, List, Totals and Usage

Location Reports - List and Usage

Emailing Reports

Generate the report.

Click on Email Report on the top left.

Enter the email address and subject and message.

Note that an Adobe PDF copy of the sent report will be placed locally on the computer at the location specified next to Attachment.

Other Reports:

Cash Reconcile - used for End of Day (EOD) processing.  If Weigh Master has Cash drawer or receives any form of payment and uses the button on the Ticket Entry screen.  

Post Invoicing - used to review the invoicing process.

PreBilling - used to review the tickets BEFORE the invoice process is done.

Tax Usage - used for detail information of the tax entities set up in SMSTurbo.

Ticket List - listing of tickets within certain date range.

Printer Settings - see further explanation, click hyper-link.

Form Selection - see further explanation, click hyper-link.

Configure Email - see further explanation, click hyper-link.

Report Manager - allows users to edit, create and update SMSTurbo reports. See further explanation, click hyperlink.

Bulk Ticket Emailing - allows for multiple tickets of customers to be sent via email on a selected ticket date range. See further explanation, click hyperlink.

Import Reports - imports the XML based copy of reports.

Export Reports - exports the XML based copy of all reports in the database to the path.  (C:\Users\Public\Documents\SMSReports.XML)

Saved Reports - displays a list of any saved reports in the database.  Users can remove saved reports by right clicking and selecting delete.  A saved report can be accessed by right clicking the report icon and selecting the report from the list.

Reprint Tickets - used to reprint tickets with a Date range and Customer range. Email your ticket reprint to an email address of your choice.