Read Scale Weight

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Read Scale Weight

Weight values are added to a ticket's material by clicking into the Gross or Tare boxes in the Insert New Detail Line window.  If the SMSTurbo ScaleCom application is configured for a scale and connected to the SMSTurbo client, the scale's current weight will appear in the blue text box of the Read Scale Weight.  

If the SMSTurbo software has not been connected to a scale, the users can click into the Blue Weight box and enter numeric weight values manually.

NOTE: If weights DO NOT automatically appear in the Blue Weight box, see the SMSTurbo ScaleCom configuration and the SMSTurbo ScaleCom and Weight Setup.

1. Select the scale number from the numbered boxes to select the desired scale. Scale 1 is the default value for a single scale installation. If you need access to ALL scales, see the Read Scale setup in Ticketing Overview.

2. Verify the weight value on the screen is correct or type in the value manually.  If the weight is not correct or has changed, click the highlighted scale number to refresh the scale weight from the SMSTurbo ScaleCom.

3. Click the OK Button to save the weight to the Insert New Material window or Click Cancel to disregard the weight and return to the Insert New Material window.

Other features:

Multi-weigh information -  If the Multi Axle Weighing feature is enabled in SMSTurbo Utilities - Configuration - SMSTurbo - General, the Read Scale Weight program will allow additional Gross or Tare weights to be added on a single truck pass. This is commonly used when a scale is too small to fit the complete truck on the weight platform.  See steps below on how to use Multi Weighing.

1. Truck needs to pull the front part of the vehicle onto the scale, scale weight for front part of vehicle will display

2. Click Next Axle  Button

3. Click OK to Attention message and proceed to get next weight of vehicle

4. Have truck pull back end of Vehicle onto the scale and get next weight.

6. Click OK to complete the final weight.

NOTE:  If more than two weights are needed, complete steps 1-4 for additional parts of the vehicle to weigh.