Rates Editor

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                                            RATES EDITOR

SMSTurbo users who have large numbers of customers to deal with or who repeatedly create new customers

and/or need to change multiple rates on multiple orders quickly can benefit from the  Rates Editor.

Click on the  icon at the top and select RatesEditor.

(Note: if it is not enabled in plugin manager you will not see the choice for RatesEditor.)

Otherwise You will see:

All of the available orders and rates will appear on this list with their current associations

to customers and or vendors.  Notice that price sheet rates also appear here for modification.

Double click on an order to modify any of the pricing information presented, as well as the

Customer status for that order.

In the above example the material price was modified to 38.0000 from Order #2.

Once the user hits return after making the change the change will appear in yellow.

The save changes button was selected and the Save Work message appears and

                                 once ok is hit the changes are stored locally but NOT committed to the data base for

use with tickets yet.

Select the "commit" All changes" button to store the changes for use with tickets.

You should see:

Select "Yes" to do a final store for use with tickets.

The changes will no longer display in yellow.