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The SMSTurbo Edit Rates  allows users to define specific Material prices for a Customer's specific Order.  The defined rate values will automatically appear on a Customer's ticket when that Customer's Order and material is selected at time of ticketing.  A Customer's Order Rates override ANY material pricing levels when a ticket is created.  See steps below for creating new or to edit existing Order Rates in the SMSTurbo database.

1. Click on the Edit Rates button on the Maintain Order screen.

2. Place a check in the Use column by each material that will be available on the Customer's Order.  Check the "Mark All" button to select all materials for the Customer's Order.

3. Edit the Material price, Delivery charge (or any other column as needed). See column definitions below.

4. Click Save or Cancel to close the window and discard all changes.

Rates Screen Column Definitions

Use - If checked, the material will be available for that Customer's Order at the time of ticketing.

Material ID - The Material ID of the Material. See Materials to add more materials.

Description - The Material Description. See Materials to add more materials.

Material Price - The Price of the Material. Enter a special price for this Customer's Order.

Delivery Charge - The amount charged for delivery of the material.

Delivery Code - The type of delivery charge for the material.  

                 Delivery code includes these items:

Minimum Charge - The minimum charge that a material can be charged at the time of ticketing.

Quantity Ordered - The quantity of material the Customer requested for this material and order.

UOM - Unit of Measure is the units that the product is sold in (IE Tons, LBS, Each) for that material.

Total Price - The Sum of the Material Price and the Delivery Charge for that material line.

Total To Order - If checked, the total amount of the material is stored with the Order.

Default - Sets the selected material as the default material on the Customer's Order at time of ticketing.

Material Cost - The cost that was incurred to create the material.

Delivery Cost - The cost to deliver the product (Cost of the Trucking).

Discount Base - The amount of dollars at which the discount begins for that material (IE @ $10,000 begin the discount).

Discount Increment - The amount of dollars for that material discount that is above the defined Discount Base (IE $2,000).

Discount Amount - The dollar amount on material charge discounted when after discount base and increment(s) have been reached (IE 1$ per Ton Discounted).