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This manual is for the SMSTurbo end user to create Account Receivable Invoices and Sales Receipts and/or Account Payable Invoices and Payments.

Requirements for use

The computer must meet the minimum hardware specifications listed for SMSTurbo.  The QuickBooks version must be 2010 Pro or later.  SMSTurbo installed locally must have QuickBooks installed locally.  SMSTurbo does not interface with cloud based QuickBooks. While the data for either SMSTurbo or QuickBooks can be hosted on server, users must have full rights of access to those files, and the network must be capable of 4G or better speeds.

The Quick books SMS provided install file called QBFC13_0Installer.exe must have been run on that workstation.

QuickBooks should be up and running with its company file loaded before running the QuickBooks interface in SMSTurbo V10.

The QuickBooks "mappings" or defined GL entries need to be created in the accounting interface to match the QuickBooks setup.

(Please contact SMTurbo support for more information on how to configure mappings in the the QuickBooks  interface)