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The Purge Images tool is a way the SMS user can remove image files from ticket records to reduce the size of the

tables contributing to the overall size of the database in SQL. This is useful for SQL versions such as Express which have a

limited  allowed database size. (Usually 10 gig). The SMS user may select a ticket range, date range to purge, or

purge all images on the stored tickets. After purging those items the utility will run an SQL database Shrink to bring the

database down to its new reduced size.  Restart the SQL server service and right click on the database in Object Explorer

in SQL to see its new size properties.

Select the related ticket windows that contain the images you wish to purge on the

right side if you only want certain types of images to get purged.

Select the Purge Images! button. You will see the following:

Type YES to continue.

The purge progress indicator will display while running.

Eventually you should see the below message.

Review the size of the database per above to verify.