Printer and Form Setup

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The Printer and Forms setup window can be accessed by clicking the Printer Settingsicon from the SMSTurbo Report Center Window.  The Printer setup tool allows users to configure two different report formats and printers for printing tickets from SMSTurbo. See details below on configuring this screen.  

NOTE: The changes to the Printer and Ticket form are specific to the windows user login. Other computers and/or window logins need to setup the printer and form listed below.

Printer and Form Settings

1. Click on the Ticket Form text box to choose the ticket to print from the inventory of forms.

2. Select the desired form from the Report Listing Window and click the Green check mark. This windows shows only ticket related reports (including custom versions, if any).

3. Choose the Ticket Printer to be used.  See your local IT Administrator if the desired printer is not available in the list.

4. (Optional) Click on the Ticket Form 2 to allow for a second form to be printed (example: an office copy with a different format).

5. (Optional)  Choose the 2nd ticket printer to be used in the Ticket Copy 2 drop down.

6. Ticket Copies sets the number of ticket forms printed each time a ticket is printed.

General Settings  

           While preview is checked tickets will NOT get emailed out to customers if that is setup!

Use the button to store the current printer settings.

Use the button to cancel current entry and close the window.