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SMSTurbo Pricing is an option that allows users to modify a ticket after it has been stored but before it is invoiced. When pricing is enabled, users can change a ticket's material price, material cost, locations, and customer. It does not allow for changing the ticket's TruckID, truck weights, nor removing materials from a saved ticket.  The pricing feature can be applied via two methods in SMSTurbo, the Apply Pricing Button and Manual Pricing by changing tickets individually.


1. The Pricing Option must be enabled in SMSTurbo Options.  Otherwise, the Apply Pricing button will be missing and the users will not have the ability to manually change individual tickets.

2. Material prices, Price Sheets, and or Customer Order prices need to be modified before changing pricing via Apply Pricing button.

3. It is highly recommended to perform a backup of the SMSTurbo database before applying Pricing.

Apply Pricing Button

The Apply Pricing button allows users to change a group of ticket material prices based off preconfigured material prices in the SMSTurbo Materials, Orders or Price Sheets. An example of using this feature would be if prices for materials changed with the new year. The site recently created two days worth of tickets but were using the old prices.  If they changed the prices in the materials, customer's orders and price sheets, the selected tickets would change prices based on the new values.

IMPORTANT - The Apply Pricing button will apply changes to a ticket's material price and/or cost in the following sequence.  First, it checks if the Customer's ticket has an Order or Price Level.  If there is an order, it uses the material price and/or cost in the Customer's order. If there is a Price Level and no order, it uses the material price and/or cost in the Price Level.  If there is no Order or Price Level on the ticket, then it uses the Material price and/or cost in the Material Maintenance screen.  

How to Apply Pricing?

1. Launch the Ticket LookUp window from the SMSTurbo ticketing screen.

2. Sort the ticket window date to show the list of tickets that need pricing applied using the filter tab.

NOTE: To see tickets that have no prices applied, Click the "All" drop down and change the drop down to "Not Priced".

3. Click the "Apply Pricing" Button in the bottom left hand corner. The message below will appear on the screen.

4.  Read the "Apply Pricing?" message carefully.  Make sure the selected tickets require pricing to be applied.  Continuing past this will apply pricing to ALL tickets in the defined range.

5.   Type in YES and click Green Check box, Save button.

6.   Click OK when the prices have finished updating.  

7.   Open the tickets and verify the materials have the new prices. Change other ticket values as needed.

Manual Pricing

Manual pricing allows users to change individual ticket prices or other ticket values.

NOTE: You cannot remove the ticket's materials nor edit the truck defined on the ticket.  The ticket should be voided and recreated if these values need to be changed.  If the ticket has already been invoiced, an Accounting - Billing - UNDO process needs to be performed before applying pricing.


1. Launch SMSTurbo Ticket Entry Window.

2. Click Ticket LookUp button

3. Browse and open the ticket that requires changes.

4. Edit the ticket detail, material, price values or any other ticket items as required.

5. Click Save button to save the ticket pricing changes.