Pivot Tables

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SMSTurbo Excel Pivot Tables Setup And Configuration

It is possible to use the powerful Pivot Table feature in SMS which allows you to load a piece of software onto your SMSTurbo V10 pc and use a pre-constructed spreadsheet set up for Pivot tables and pull the SMS data into it. The customer must have purchased the Pivot Tables option.

These files should be present at c:\programfiles(x86)\smsturbo\pivotTables

       SMS Excel Analytics.xlsx

       SMS Pivot Tables (Analytics) Installation.chm



Locate the installer file SMSPivotInstaller.exe in the c:\programfiles(x86)\SMSTURBO\PivotTables folder

and run that file. This screen will appear:

Enter your SQL server full instance name

Enter the SMS database name

If in running this application you get an error below  that you do not have permission,

right click on it and say "Run as administrator"

Browse to the location of the SMS supplied Excel spreadsheet designed for Pivot Tables, usually called

SMS Excel Analytics.xls in the c:\programfiles(x86)\smsturbo\pivot tables  folder.

Keep in mind that the windows user logged in needs to have access to be able to write to the

c:\programfiles(x86)\smsturbo\pivot tables  folder. If they do not then copy smsanalytics.xls sheet to their desktop and load it from there.

Click on "start the install"

It should say "success" when finished.

Launch Pivot Tables

Technical Notes:

Note:  The SQL statements and server connection properties embedded in the excel sheets /reports

are in the connection properties. Edit these by Opening a Report -

Click on dark blue bar to gain focus - Click Data -  properties

Click Definition

See Connection string (do not edit)

See Command test ( this is the sql statement that grabs the data for the report)

Note: Pivot table only show 7 days of data out of the box (see the where clause). You need to go to the sql server and  set the Comaster’s table’s

value for  pivot table days to a higher value (in days)  in order to see more data.

IE: update comaster set PivotTableDays = 999

Also, If you look in the root of this directory, there is all kinds of documentation on SMS features and add-ons