Paying Multiple Tickets

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Paying Multiple Tickets Feature

Many SMSTurbo users have expressed the need for a way to enter payment for multiple tickets from a single customer or order which

have accumulated over the course of some time period, as in a day's worth of commerce.  The SMSTurbo user can process payment

on these multiple tickets all at one time.

To access this feature click on the main Ticketing pull down.

On the new ticket screen without any tickets loaded click on the "Pay" button.

The "Pay Tickets" window will launch. Select the customer that you wish to pay tickets for.

Additionally the screen may be launched from the bottom of the Customer and Order maintenance windows via the


On the upper left select the top lookup button to select the Customer.

Available tickets that are not paid, not invoiced and not voided for that customer will display

Select the lookup button next to  "All Orders" to select an order to process payment on.

Available unpaid tickets for that order for that customer will display.

If no tickets are found the message "No Records Found..." will display.

If tickets are found that meet the criteria, check the box next to the ticket (s) you wish to process payment.

As tickets are checked the types of revenue being collected will total on the left.

Select the box for "Mark All" to check off all the tickets.

Note that on the last screen shot ticket 17 has a $52.51 delivery charge added. That then shows up on the left

next to "Delivery $".

Check the box for "Print Receipt" to have a receipt of payment print out.

Select "Pay tickets" button to bring up the Turbo Payment screen. Pay with the methods available.

Select the green check mark.

After clicking "ok" a receipt will be displayed to the screen like the one below

that you may print.