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Overview of Maintaining Trailers

See steps below on how to edit and maintain the Trailer information in SMSTurbo.

NOTE: If the Trailer option is not visible, you may not have purchased this SMSTurbo feature.  See SMSTurbo Options or contact SMSTurbo Support for more information.


1.  Enter an alpha numeric value into the Trailer ID field.  IDs can be as long as 15 characters, letters, numbers, no spaces or special characters.

2.  Enter a Description of the Trailer. The description can be up to 5000 characters.

NOTE: Existing Trailer IDs can be edited by typing in the Trailer ID and pressing Tab on the keyboard. Or click the search icon to select from a list of existing records.

OPTIONAL VALUES: These fields can be left blank if they are not required.


3.  Enter Type of Trailer to further define the type of Trailer.

4.  Enter an Entry Date, it's the date on which the Trailer's stored tare weight was last recorded in Maintain Trailer.

5.  Enter the Size of the Trailer.

6.  Enter an Expire Date.  Often times Expire Date is used to store the Trailer's registration expiration date.  If a Weigh Master selects an expired Trailer in SMSTurbo Ticketing, a warning message is presented and prevents the user from creating a ticket with the expired Trailer.

7.  Enter a value into the Registration field. Often times Registration is used to store a license plate number if required by your state.

8.  Enter the Trailer's Tare Weight (empty Trailer weight) in lbs.  When a truck and trailer is selected in SMSTurbo Ticketing, the truck and trailer stored tare weights will auto load onto the ticket screen.  See Update Tare Truck for more information.

9.  Enter the CustomerID associated with this trailor.

NOTE:  If Tare Weights are defined on some TruckIDs and some TrailerIDs, when creating a ticket if there's a stored tare weight on the truck than there has to be a stored tare weight on the trailer selected.

10.  Trailer1 and Trailer2 are user definable fields(UDF's). These fields can be used for tracking any other data related to a Trailer at the customer's request.  The Trailer UDF fields can be relabeled via the Utilities - Configuration - SMSTurbo - Field Labels window.  

11.   Enter the HaulerID associated with this trailer.

Use the button to add this trailer to a particular site should you have the "Multi site" feature.

Use the button to store this Trailer record.  

Use the   button to cancel current entry and clear all data from the Trailer screen.

Use the button to delete this Trailer record from the database.