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Overview of Maintaining Customers

See steps below for creating new or to maintain existing Customers in the SMSTurbo database.

There are four tabs in the Maintain Customer screen; Customer, Order, Ship To Addresses,Trucks (Misc. is created by adding UDFs)

Left click and hold any of the tabs to reposition the tabs on the screen.  Four blue boxes will appear as a selection to reposition the tab.  

Right clicking any of the tabs will move to next or previous tab group.  

Right click in the Orders window and you will see this menu.

 Use the mouse and select "insert now" You will be taken to the maintain orders screen.


1. Enter a new Customer ID or use the Lookup button to edit a Customer.  IDs can be as long as 15 characters, letters, numbers, no spaces or special characters.

2. Enter the Customer Name. Up to 500 characters and press Tab button on keyboard.


It is possible to create a pre-existing template for use with the creation of customer and vendor accounts where the

same values will be used each time. Simply create a customer  with the customer ID of ZZDEFAULT and fill out

the values you want. Save that customer.  Those values will populate for any future customers or vendors you create.

       OPTIONAL VALUES: These fields can be left blank if they are not required.

3.  Enter the Customer Address information

4. CustomerUDF1 and CustomerUDF2 are user definable fields that can be used to collect data for reporting. Up to 30 characters.  The labels can be renamed under Utilities - Configuration - SMSTurbo - Field Labels window.

5. Credit status types:

           Pricing for CASH customers will always show to an SMS N authority "No pricing user" regardless of their authority levels to see pricing.    

6. Credit  Limit -. Set the highest amount in dollars that this customer can spend on account. If this value is exceeded, the Weigh Master will be warned of exceeded credit limit before storing that customer's ticket.

7. Credit Warning -   Set the point at which the system will warn the Weigh Master of approaching credit limit.

8. Pricing Level -  Used with SMSTurbo Orders Option. See section on Customer Orders.

9. Invoice Terms -  Used to create a terms list by number. See Terms Maintenance for setting up terms..

10. Invoice Discount - A feature for SMSTurbo Billing.  See SMSTurbo Billing for more details.

11. GL Number - General Ledger Number for the Customer, number used for SMS Billing only.

12. Billing Cycle -  Customers can be set up with Billing Cycles.

13. Notes -  A free form text field for up to 250 characters.  Double click in the box to open the notes editor which allows a bigger view of

the entered text.

Customer Payment and Invoicing Option Check Boxes

NOTE: Taxation can be set at the Customer, Material, Location and Order level.  If the Customer is Non Exempt (taxable) but has an Order (Job) that is Exempt from taxes, the Order (Job) can be set to Tax Exempt.

14.  Print and Email Settings.

NOTE: These email options require SMSTurbo to have a defined email account.  See Email Setup for that configuration and the default send from address. You may setup the emailing of all tickets for a customer, all the tickets on an order for one customer if also defined under that order and or bulk emails and invoices here.


     (Note: You must enter at least 1 here or no tickets will be emailed out!!).

Use the button to go to the "Pay Tickets" multiple ticket payment screen.

Use the button to review all the financial, ticket and invoice history for that customer (if using the SMS billing feature.

(The button will not display otherwise).

Use the button to add this customer to a particular site should you be using the "Multi site" option.

Use the button to store this customer record.  

Use the   button to cancel current entry and clear all data from the screen.

Use the button to delete this customer record from the database.  Customers with existing tickets cannot be deleted. They should be marked inactive in the credit status field to prevent customers from creating additional tickets.

Use the button to view/print a map/directions of the Customer's address via MapQuest.

Use the button to create a pre-authorized token (CC information with card number, sec code, ect.) for .01 cents, for this customer.  This only works with the Merchant's Partner (First Mile) credit card processing service. This button will be grayed out or give an error if 1. The credit card feature has not been purchased, or enabled under view options\update keycode, or the file MPCC.exe is not loaded under Utilities, configuration, SMSTurbo, Addon interfaces.