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SMSTurbo Ticketing Overview

The Overview below shows how to create and edit a ticket in SMSTurbo.  Please contact SMSTurbo Support if you need assistance.



1. Launch the Ticketing icon    to start  SMSTurbo Ticket Entry program.

NOTE: The Ticketing icon can be launched multiple times to allow for multiple Ticket Entry windows to appear on the screen.  Multiple Ticket Entry windows allow users to link specific scales (IE Inbound and Outbound) to that specific ticket entry screen.

2. The user will be prompted to select which Scale # to pull weights into the SMSTurbo Ticket Entry window.  Click All  to have access to all scales when assigning weights to materials.

NOTE: Clicking "Do not show this window again" will  prevent the Scale Pick window from reappearing each time you launch a new Ticket Entry window.  If you want the Pick Scale window to reappear, go to SMSTurbo Utilities - Configuration - SMSTurbo - General, lower left corner and click "Show Choose Scale Window".

3. After selecting a scale, a new SMSTurbo Ticket Entry screen will appear where the user can begin creating and maintaining tickets.

That ticket window will have the scale number selected as part of the label on top. Please review the Ticket Entry Screen instructions and buttons defined below. For more information on reading weights  in SMSTurbo go to Read Scale Weight


See steps below on completing a SMSTurbo Ticket Entry form.  

NOTE: The fields have a lookup button to search for the Truck, Trailer, Customer and Order IDs.  Users can also start typing the ID in the field and the type ahead feature will display matching values.  The Ticket Entry window also has keyboard shortcuts for faster ticket entry. See Keyboard shortcuts below.  If field is greyed out, option is not enabled.

1. Enter a Truck ID or DISPATCH to create a Dispatch Ticket.  Click the Tab keyboard button to move to the next field.

2. Enter a Trailer ID, Customer ID and if applicable an Order ID as required.

NOTE: If you linked a TruckID to a Customer and a Customer to an Order, the fields will auto fill after entering the defined TruckID.

3. Enter any extra ticket information in the Remarks field. The remarks are auto populated for the text defined in Company Setup and the Order Remarks (if text is defined).

4.  Click in the gray box area or click the insert button to launch the Material Detail Line window.  Users can add material and it's location, weights, and prices.   Multiple materials can be added with the Split Ticket option.

5. Click into the Signature and or Scanner buttons to capture and link an image or signature with the ticket.  Signature and Scanner are purchased options.

6. Click into the Pay button to associate payments with the ticket. See Payment Info for more details.

7. Click Print button to print and store the ticket.  See Printer and Form Setup in SMSTurbo Reporting for detail on defining a printed form and printer.

Other Features:

SMSTurbo Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts only pertain to the SMSTurbo TIcket Entry Screen

           (See options for Control + L on the General1 tab under Utilities, Configuration, SMSTurbo, General)

SMSTurbo Ticket Entry Screen Buttons

Add Material Button. Used to insert a new material Detail Line to the ticket.

Delete Material Button. Used to remove a Detail Line from a non completed ticket.

Change Material Button. Used to change a Material Detail Line of the ticket.

Print a completed ticket. See Ticket Form Selection for printer setup instructions.  Saves the ticket.

Sends out an email to any customer configured to get an email copy of the ticket, if its the first time

the ticket print button has been used for that ticket.   Selecting this on a finished ticket without payment

being applied for a cash customer will launch the No Payments Found! window which will allow the SMS

user to clarify what they want to have happen to payment on this ticket.

Save Ticket Button. Stores the ticket in the database. Used most often to save a ticket that is in process

perhaps with just a tare weight taken and not yet back to the scale for a gross weight reading.  Selecting

this on a finished ticket without payment being applied for a cash customer will launch the No Payments Found!

window which will allow the SMS user to clarify what they want to have happen to payment on this ticket.

Cancel Ticket Button. Cancels ticket changes or clears screen when viewing completed ticket.

Browse Tickets Button. Used to recall a saved ticket to the screen.

Previous Ticket Button. Recalls the previous ticket by ticket number.

Next Ticket Button. Recalls the next ticket by ticket number.

Image Devices Buttons. Click to activate camera or scanner interface and store image with the ticket.

Signature Capture Button. Click to activate signature pad and store driver signature with a ticket.

Access the SMSTurbo Payment screen.