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Overview of Maintaining Materials

See steps below for creating new or to maintain existing Materials in the SMSTurbo database.


1.  Enter a new Material ID or use the Lookup button   to edit an existing Material.   IDs can be as long as 15 characters, letters, numbers, no spaces or special characters.

2.  Enter a new Material Description.  Name can be up to 5000 characters then press Tab button on keyboard.

OPTIONAL VALUES: These fields can be left blank if they are not required.

3. Default - If checked, the material will be the default material when inserting a new material on a ticket.

4. Unit -Use the dropdown list to select aunti of measurement for this material.

5. Category -  Select the material category to group the selected material.  Click the Category Lookup to define a new Material Category or select an existing Category.

6. Inactive - Select to make the material not available when creating new SMSTurbo Tickets.  Historic tickets are not effected.

7. Taxable -  If checked, the material will be taxed.  If unchecked, the material will not be taxed.

NOTE: Taxation is also set at the Customer, Order or Location Level.  Customer Level can be set to Tax Exempt.  A Customer can be taxable but they can have an Order (Job) that is Tax Exempt.  If the Material is taxable, but the Customer and/or Customer Order is tax exempt, taxes will not be calculated.  

8. Restricted -  A material that is marked as restricted uses a site Ton limit set on Utilities, company setup, Maintain Company master, to restrict the amount of a material that will either be allowed in or out of the business.  This material will be itemized as such in the payment window on the ticket.  In the event  2 materials are present on the ticket  that restricted material will have a separate total in the pay window. The first ticket created that exceeds the limit will not get the error. AFTER the site limit has been EXCEEDED, future tickets with restricted materials will get an error message WHILE SAVING and the ticket will not be processed  A ticket number is consumed in this process, and the errant ticket must be voided.

9. Direction - Select Incoming or Outgoing depending on the direction the truck is traveling with the material.  Is it leaving the yard or coming in?  This is used for load and material tracking and can be changed when adding a material to a ticket in the Insert New Detail window.  Unknown would be used if the Material is both Incoming and Outgoing.

10. Conversion - The number to convert this material to tons if required.  If you have a unit of measure in the Utilities - Conversion but multiple materials using this unit of measure with different measurement conversion calculations.

11. Material1 and Material2 are user definable fields (UDFs) to track user specific Material data.  These fields can be relabeled via the Utilities - Configuration - SMSTurbo - Field Labels window.

12. Default Quantity: - The default quantity of the material that appears on a ticket if the material is a non-weighted item.

Material Prices

1.  Enter a new Price - Enter the material price in dollars.

2.  Enter a new Material Label -  Set the unit of measure using the drop box provided. Units of Measures can be customized in Material - Conversions.

3.  Enter a new Cost - Cost of the material (it will be grayed out if the ROYALTY SMSTurbo Option has NOT been purchased).

4.  Enter a new Minimum Charge - Enter the minimum charge for the material in dollars, if any.

5.  Enter a new Misc Charge - Enter the miscellaneous charge for the material in dollars, if any.

General Ledger

6.  Enter a new Sales:- General Ledger number for the Material Sale, account number used for billing and accounting interfaces.

7.  Enter a new Expense:- General Ledger number for the Material Expense, account number used for billing and accounting interfaces.

8.  Enter a new Delivery: -General Ledger number for the Material Delivery, account number used for billing and accounting interfaces.

Delivery Prices

1.  Enter a new Rate - Enter the Delivery Rate of the material charged a customer multiplied by the listed code. Requires Delivery SMSTurbo Option

2.  Enter a new Cost - Delivery Cost of the material multiplied by the code, if the Truck Cost SMSTurbo Option has been purchased

3.  Enter a new Code - Set the unit of measure from the drop box.  Requires Delivery SMSTurbo Option

Quantity to Date  The total quantity of the selected material sold or purchased so far as maintained in Turbo

Total to Date -  The total  revenue made or spent on  this material as maintained in Turbo

For information on the Components Tab, click here.

Use the button to add this material to a particular site should you have the "Multi site" feature.

Use the button to store this Material record.  

Use the button to cancel current entry and clear all data from the screen.

Use the button to delete this Material record from the database.  Materials with existing Orders or Tickets can't be deleted.  Similar action, see above on making the Material "Inactive".