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Overview of Maintaining Locations

Locations allow SMSTurbo materials to be linked with a specific delivery or target Location.  Locations can have an Address, Tax Rate and Delivery Rate.  See steps below for creating new or to maintain existing Locations in the SMSTurbo database.


1.  Enter a new Location ID or use the Lookup button   to edit an existing Location.  IDs can be as long as 15 characters, alpha numeric, no spaces or special characters.

2.  Enter a new Location Description.  Name can be up to 5000 characters and press Tab button on keyboard.

   OPTIONAL VALUES: These fields can be left blank if they are not required.

3. Default Check box - If checked, the Location will be the default location when inserting a new material on a ticket.

4. Address - The physical address of the material's origination or destination.

5. Tax Rate - The tax rate to be applied when the defined Location is linked to a Material detail line. This can be used in two ways, if a second layer of taxation is needed (city or county) or if the site services multiple tax entities (MA, CT, RI) then there would be a Location Tax set up for each tax entity.

6. Location1 and Location2 - these are user definable fields to track user specific location data.  These fields can be relabeled via the Utilities - Configuration - SMSTurbo - Field Labels window.

7. Enter the GL Number - General Ledger number for the location, number used for billing and accounting interfaces.

Delivery Options

1. Rate - A numerical value to calculate the Delivery charge that will be applied when the defined location is linked to a Material detail line.

2. Code - The type of charge or factor used for calculating the Delivery charge

3. Tax on Delivery - If checked, the material linked to this location will have a tax charge against the materials delivery total.

Use the icon to add this customer to a particular site should you be using the "Multi site" option.

Use the button to store this location record.  

Use the   button to cancel current entry and clear all data from the screen.

Use the button to delete this location record from the database. Locations with existing Orders and/or Tickets can't be deleted.