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Overview of maintaining  Haulers

The SMSTurbo Haulers option allows for trucking costs to be linked to a truck and it's associated tickets in the SMSTurbo database. This feature is often used with the Truck Costs option to pay for deliveries.  See steps below on how to edit and maintain the Hauler information in SMSTurbo.

NOTE: If the Hauler screen is not visible, you may not have purchased the Truck Costs option.  See SMSTurbo Options or contact SMSTurbo Support for more information.

Detail documentation on the set up can be found in the Accounting, QuickBooks, Hauler Charges.


1. Enter alpha numeric values into the Hauler ID field.  IDs can be as long as 15 characters, letters, numbers, no spaces or special characters. If the Hauler already exists, click the Lookup button and browse for Haulers to edit the hauler information.

2.  Enter a description of the Hauler. The description can be up to 5000 characters.

OPTIONAL VALUES: These fields can be left blank if they are not required.

3.  Enter the Address(s), City, State/Province, Postal Code, Country, Contact, Phone and Notes fields.

4. Click Save to save Changes. Click Delete to delete the Hauler.

Use the button to add this hauler to a particular site should you have the "Multi site" feature.

Use the button to store this Hauler record.  

Use the   button to cancel current entry and clear all data from the Hauler screen.

Use the button to delete this Hauler record from the database.