Other CIS Application Help

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Other CIS Application Help

As part of the setup for SMSTurbo V10 various application tools are available that

are not part of the main SMSTurbo V10 installation or require additional setup. Certain hardware devices

also fall into this category. This section is designed for the SMS administrator or the IT people who may be responsible for this setup.

This setup should not be done by any SMS user with less than Z-administrator, authority.  Some available options are only available when purchased.

See View Options/Update keycode for a list of those.

Leads Online

Kodak I2400 Scanner setup and configuration

Topaz signature pad and Fingerprint Setup

Axis IP Camera setup

Libra Systems Ticketing Import Tool

State of Ohio Recycling Upload Tool

Pivot Tables Setup and Configuration

Auto Export Import Tool

ScaleCOM Weight Application Setup

Credit Card Setup in SMSTurbo V10

E-Seek License Reader

SMS Web Online Reporting Tool

SMS Ticket Import Tool

ScanShell 800DX

Scanshell 2000NR and 800NR

WIAscan Scanner Setup


MMF Cash Drawer Utility

Resolving Connection Problems