No Payments Found Window

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                                           No Payments Found Window

In the event an SMS user attempts to use the green check mark, or the print/save button at the bottom of the ticket screen if

payment has not been applied to a ticket which requires one, and the customer's status is set to cash, the No Payments Found Window

will launch prompting the SMS user for what they would like to do about the payment.

Auto pay Cash/Check  -This will allow the user to automatically apply payment to the ticket without going to the payment screen.

Enter a check number to have that recorded with the payment. Otherwise a payment of cash is recorded for the total amount owed.

Go to payment screen                                   -to access the payment options there.

Store without payment                                  -should this be required

Store without payment keep ticket open  -should this be required

Back to Ticket                                                   -further ticket editing is required first.

Note:  You may  use the Pay Multiple tickets feature to pay multiple tickets for a single customer at a later time.

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