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Company Information Setup (Multi site)

The SMSTurbo Maintain Company Master screen contains the default company information when the Multi Site option is not  purchased. The screen allows administrators to create and edit values about the company. Reports and screens in the SMSTurbo Software will display values defined in this section.  See definitions of those fields here. Otherwise Multi Site setup is also performed here when that option was purchased and the SMS administrator user got the prompt, when clicking on Utilities, Company setup, that asked: "do you want to maintain multi-site information?" and you answer yes.  Additionally if the Multi site option is active the site number will display

on the main SMSTurbo screen next to the name of the company. Either the site the user is logged into or the main site. (See below)

SMSTurbo V10 Multi Site Setup and Principles.

One of the powerful features of SMSTurbo is its capability to organize customer accounts and separate tickets based upon SMS defined groupings called sites (see Setting up sites below) that SMS users can log into. These sites, each have their own assigned SMS users, customer accounts, ticket # ranges, materials, and locations Multi Site allows the Administrator to divide their company by site to provide separate accounting on each part. One invoice may be generated by corporate accounting rather than separate invoices at each site. Users at the sites will run periodic exports of their tickets and make those available to the accountants on site1, who will import the tickets via the import tickets feature in SMS. The accountants will be able to see all the customers, vendors, tickets, materials, trucks, trailers, containers, haulers, locations on any site when they log into site1.

In using the Multi Site option its advisable to create a plan in advance to define the structure you wish to use for your company. This includes listing all users who will be using SMSTurbo, their job roles, and If they are doing ticketing, accounting, SMS ticket maintenance, or SMS administration. Ticket ranges need to be set for each site so that the tickets can be pulled into a central SMSTurbo database without conflicting ticket numbers. To facilitate a consistent setup among the sites its recommended to create an initial SMSTurbo database which includes the company's Multi Site design and then is restored to the other sites data bases as a template before any tickets get created.

SMS users may be defined as only having the capability to see customers and vendors from their site and no other sites via the site assignment field under Utilities, User Tools, "maintain User".  Use the drop down arrow to select a previously defined sites under Utilities, Company Setup, Company Master.

Setting up sites

Sites are created and must be assigned a unique identifier number called a "Site number" or "Site #". 1 through number of sites.

A site may not be assigned 0. It is possible to create an SMS user and assign them to site 0 as explained below. Site #0 is assigned to an SMS user for administrator access as in the case of the CIS administrator account. When user signs into site 0

they will be prompted to choose at login time, what site they wish to connect to.

Site #1 has to be the accounting and management site usually defined with the main company name and address or accounting location. Accounting people should log into site 1. Sites with SMS users doing tickets should not use site 1,

but one of the other sites.

All additional sites should be assigned the next available site number, 2-X.

Defining Sites

Defining these sites is done by editing the "Comaster" or "Company Master" definition, on the "Maintain Company Master" screen.


This screen gives you the option of either:

1. looking up site names via the lookup button or

2. create a new site by entering a name in the blank and clicking in the name box on the right or tabbing there.

Once a new site name is entered, you will need to add a unique "Site #", different

from any that are already being used. Enter 1,2,3,4,5 or whatever is next.

Otherwise an error  like the one below will occur, or tell you the number is already in use.

Once a valid site # has been entered. Select the "Save" green check mark to save your sites.

Use the above procedure to create 3 sites. Keep in mind that if the Comaster company record was already filled

out, SMS will use that as the info for site #1, and use the name under Comaster "Name" as the site1 name.

Name the other 2 as "JONESTOWN" site 2, and "BRADFORD", site 3. Enter their addresses and other information

on that page. Save them.

Practical Example.                                        Joseph Corp

At this point it might be best to create an example of how Multi Sites is used.

For this example we will focus on a small company that has a main office, and two isolated pit locations. SMS accounting management is done at the main office by two SMS users.

Each of the remaining 2 pit sites each have two SMS users.

Accounting site(main office).  We will call that site "JOSEPHCORP"  We assign this site site #1. The SMS users

who login to this site will be able to see all assets in SMSTurbo.

Mary Smith and Tom Miller work there and will each be using SMSTurbo for accounting and maintenance tasks.

they will be able to see all data.

We want the pit operators to only be able to use customer accounts, data, and ticket ranges assigned to their site.

Pit site two.  We call this site "JONESTOWN" and assign it site #2.

Blake Doe, and Sara Winder use SMSTurbo to do ticketing here.

Pit site three.  We call this site "BRADFORD" and assign it site #3

Alan Wright and Pops Mordacai use SMSTurbo to do ticketing here.

Creating or editing users for use with multi Site

Check this link for basic user setup in SMSTurbo V10.

We need to create 6 user accounts under Utilities, User Tools, Users, maintain users.

(or edit 6 existing user accounts)

We will call them:

msmith, tmiller, bdoe, swinder, awright, pmordacai.

msmith and tmiller will be assigned the Site Number "1-JOSEPHCORP" Site 0 is the default.

Open one of the user accounts in Utilities, user tools, Maintain user. Once loaded use the drop down arrow

on the "Site Number:" box on the right and assign them to site1 or site 0. (site 0 they will be prompted for

which site to login to.  When the users log into their site, SMSTurbo will display which site they are logged into

on the title bar on the top of the Turbo application window.

Use this procedure to setup the other users:

bdoe and swinder will be assigned the Site Number "2-JONESTOWN"

awright and pmordacai will be assigned the Site Number "3-BRADFORD"

**The accounting people only need to log into site 1, the accounting site.

**Note that a user may only be assigned 1 site number.

**Users assigned site # "0" will be prompted to login to whatever site they wish.

**Users assigned any other site number only log into that site and are not prompted for a site.

Assigning Ticket Ranges to each Site (you cannot use the same ticket numbers at multiple sites)

To set the ticket number range to be used by a particular site it is necessary to login to SMS as a user to that site, and who is a user who has the SMS security authority to set that range. Site 1 will not be assigned a ticket range as that site is the admin/accounting site and is not doing  ticketing. All subsequent sites doing ticketing will have to be assigned a range to avoid coming in conflict with other sites, and allow proper accounting. In our not very real world example the sites won't need to do very many tickets.

To do this go to Utilities, Configuration, SMSTurbo, General, and select General 2 tab.

As a site1 admin user log into Turbo site1 and set the ticket range to 0 to 0, current ticket 0.

Log into site 2 (as a site2 admin) and set the range and the starting ticket as shown below.

This will be the range for site 2-JONESTOWN.

After this is set and saved and the user logs back out of SMSTrubo and then back in, if they create a new ticket that ticket will be number 27, since the last "current" ticket was 26. If you created ticket 1000 and go to create 1001, it will give you an error that the "ticket is out of range" and you will need to change its upper end limit so its advisable to create a range big enough to handle all the ticket needs of the site.

Log into SMS as a site 3 admin user. Set the ticket ranges for that site as well. Start at 2000 got to 3000 and make 2001

as the starting ticket.

Assigning customer/vendor accounts for use with Multi Site.

We know that the customer ID "BIGTRUCKINC." only goes to pit #1.

"SLIMJIMTRUCK" only goes to pit #2 but occasionally goes to pit #1.

"HAPPYDAYSTRUCK" goes to both pits.

Since Slim Jim and Happy Days are customers that go to both pits we assign them to all three sites. Since Big Truck only goes to site2 be assign it to Site2.

Assigning Data to a site

For all the data you wish to have sorted by site you will need to locate the "sites" button at the bottom of each of the

maintenance pages and assign it to a site.

This includes all:

customers, vendors, materials, locations, trucks, haulers, trailers, containers  you wish to make site specific.

Note: By default everything is assigned to be seen by site1, but not the other sites. (A)


Check the box "Mark ALL" to set this customer as being seen by all sites. (B)


Now check the "Unmark ALL" box.  This is meant as a way to quickly deactivate a large list. (C)


Select the green check mark. Select the green check mark on the previous customer maintenance view.

Now re-open the customer maintenance screen and select the "Sites" icon.  JOSEPHCORP

will once again be selected as in the top (A) because site1 can always see everything.  

  Viewing Site Specific Information

After all the sites, ticket ranges, customers, vendors, materials, trucks, trailers, containers, haulers, have been defined to a site,

a user may then log into their site and only see the data assigned his site. To see anything else he will have to login as a user to site1 or the site that handles that customer, material, truck ect.

When doing a lookup of tickets that user will only be able to view tickets set to his sites ticket range.

Utilities, Database Tools, Purge Tickets, or Purge Other data are not available to any user not logged into site1 regardless of permissions.


Reports may be saved off after editing, as a file, by a site specific user.

Once that report is re-added into SMSTurbo only THAT user will have that report available to use on their report list. Any report that displays ticket data WILL ONLY

display the tickets for that user's site when that user is logged in. Once again users assigned to site1 will see all tickets. The full version of the Report Manager editing tool

is required to make reports more specific to data used only at one site.