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SAGE50 has Inventory Items and these items can be synchronized to SMSTurbo Material.

In SMSTurbo

This is the Material Synchronizing SetUp Screen

You can set parameters in the SetUp screen.  If your SAGE50 Inventory Items have Item Classes and you want to bring over only those SAGE50 Inventory Items with a specific Item Class, you can enter the Item Class in the Include Item Types.  The synchronization will list only SAGE50 Inventory Items with that Item Class.

In the sample above, there are nine Inventory Items in SAGE50 with an Item Class = SERVICE.  

SERVICE was entered in the Include Item Type box in the Set up screen.

Once the SetUp screen is complete, Click the save button and you will return to the Maintain Material screen.

Click the Synchronize button, the SAGE50 Inventory Items will display on the right pane. Check All, Synchronize.

Here are the results when SERVICE is chosen as Item Type.