Material Sync

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This process is the same as Customer and Vendor Synchronizing.  SMSTurbo Materials will sync with the Item List in QuickBooks.  It has a different setup screen.  Review your QuickBooks Item List and define your set up screen in SMSTurbo to select only those Items you will need in SMSTurbo.  If you have Materials already set up in SMSTurbo that you want to bring over to QuickBooks, it is essential to fully understand your options in the SetUp screen.

Answer NO to the correct company so you can get into the SetUp screen.

The Import Defaults section of the SetUp screen is mainly for Unit of Measure (UOM).  Typically, you wouldn't enter any information in this section unless you want to synchronize only specific Items from QuickBooks.

Again, you will be able to select which Items you want to bring over from QuickBooks into SMSTurbo as well as SMSTurbo Materials into QuickBooks.

The Replace Options on the set up screen lists specific data items you may want to replace in SMSTurbo.  If you updated the Quantity on Hand on inventory items in QuickBooks and wanted to synchronize these updates

into SMSTurbo, you would check off that item in replace options.

Include Item Types can be stringed to include all the QuickBooks Item Types or specific Item Types.

When Materials are set up in SMSTurbo and there are specific Sales or Expense General Ledger accounts associated with this material, you will need to set up the corresponding GL account in the Material Maintenance screen.  

The sample above is Material for Incoming Light Iron for which the company will be paying $100/Long Ton.  There would be an associated GL expense account in QuickBooks for this purchase.

The GL account would be entered in the Expense GL # field highlighted.

If a Material is income to your company, you would enter the GL income account in the Sales GL# field.

When synchronizing Material from SMSTurbo to QuickBooks, if any of the SMSTurbo Material doesn't have a Sales or Expense GL defined, and you want them to be an Inventory Item, you will need to add the valid Inventory QB GL account under the Export Defaults for Asset GL.

Leave the Asset GL account number blank if you don't have any Inventory Items then the SMSTurbo Material will become a Non-Inventory Type in QuickBooks.

If there are SMSTurbo Materials that don't have Sales or Expense GL set up in the Material Maintenance screen, the Expense and Income GL accounts entered in the Export Defaults section will be the default value.  

Once the SetUp screen is complete, Click the save button and you will return to the Maintain Material screen.  Then Click the Synchronize button to start the process.