Material Detail Line

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MATerial Detail Line

The SMSTurbo Material Detail Line window allows the Weigh Master to add specific information such as materials, location, prices and weights to the ticket. See details below on how to enter data into the Material Detail Line window.

1.  Click into the Material box area and start typing the Material ID in the field, the type ahead feature will display matching values.  Or click the lookup  button to use the lookup window to search a list of Material items.  After the material is selected, note the Pricing area is populated.  This area is used to add or edit prices.  

2.  Click the Location text box to add a location or destination of the selected material.  Location is a required field if option is enabled.

NOTE: You can set a "default location" to save time when entering materials to a ticket as it will auto populate. See Location for more details.

3.  If Material is a non-weighted quantity item enter the quantity or amount of material in the Quantity text box.  If a weighted material was selected, the quantity box will be grayed out.  

NOTE:  If you require weights and each items defined for the same material (IE Public Weigh), then you need to change the material conversion type. See Material Conversions for more details.

4.  Add any special notes by typing into the "Notes" section. Any notes predefined for that material will pull into the box when the material is selected.

5.  Edit the Material prices, Misc, and Delivery values as needed.  These values default as defined for that Material in Customer Order or Special Pricing.

6. Click into the Image Capture area, to attach photo(s) or scan(s)  to the material detail window.

7. Click into the Gross or Tare or Net Weight Entry windows to add weights for the materials.  The Totals $ section is updated with Cost values after the Net Weight is entered.

8.  Click the Red "Incoming Material" text to change the material direction to "Outgoing Material" or vice versa. The  Material's default direction is defined in the Material maintenance screen.

9.  Click Save to store the material details and return to the ticket screen.

10.  Click Cancel to   discard any changes and return to SMSTurbo Ticket Entry screen.