Maintenance Lookup Window

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Using the lookup window under maintain component

(Truck, Trailer, Container, Haulers, Dispatch Info, CustomerID, Vendors, Material,

Category, Location UserID)

Similar to the lookup ticket fields window, the component maintenance window lookup button

launches the lookup windows for the various items under the "Trucking", "Accounts" and "Material"

pull down menus.  These lookup windows do not have a related filter tab but can be used

to refine search values just like their lookup ticket fields counterparts.

When using the maintain component lookup you can create a new

component by entering its name and then selecting the "lookup" button. This will

create it, gray out the name field, and then allow you to enter and save more attributes for the component.

Otherwise when selecting the lookup button you will see the below window named

with each component. (example: Lookup Truck)

Click on a column header to change the lookup value in the search field tool. Type to immediately

show you the correct results. (in the below example "16" is typed for the description and then pulls up "16 Wheeler"

At the bottom of the window use the "line up", "line down", "page up" and "page down"

to navigate through multiple results. Use the "save" button to load the highlighted result

or the "cancel" button to return with no results.