MMF Cash Drawer Utility

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MMF Cash Drawer Utility

This added hardware device is simply a "cash box" with a drawer made by MMF attached to  the client computer usually by USB connection. The drawer in the box will open when an SMS user processes a payment and denotes as having received it on a ticket on the payment screen and then saving and printing the ticket.  The type of payment does not matter just that it was received on that ticket.

The cash drawer utility is not a  purchased option available on "view options/update keycode" however

we do sell the actual MMF Cash Drawer hardware and most customers do buy it from us.

The models of the MMF cash drawer are roughly identified as "USB only", "USB without a power supply","USB with serial"  and "manual models". All of them can be used except the manual models. We always sell the USB only with the power supply.

MMF tech support is at: 800-769-1954

***Do not plug in the cash drawer's USB cable or power cables to the device yet!!!!!*************************

The exact order of how the cables are attached is very important

These instructions are partly taken from the document USB Cash Drawer Setup Instructions

found at the link below.

Hardware setup

Unpack the cash drawer from its packaging.  Locate the power cord and USB cord.

Plug the power cord into the device first then into the wall. Look to see if LED 5 is red indicating power.

No other LED lights should be on.

Next plug in the USB cable first into the device and then into the computer.

Note: If LED4 comes on at any time the device is not functioning properly

Testing the Cash Drawer with the MMF software.

Run the setup for the functional test and driver software that comes with the MMF Cash Drawer

retrieved from their web site.

Navigate to this web link with your browser:

Go down that page to locate the section for ALL OTHER USB DRIVEN CASH DRAWERS

Double click to launch the link for USB Drivers for Functional Test and OPOS V1.13

Download the file, unzip it and run it to install it.  Take all the defaults here. It may show no installed features,

that is OK. Hit finish. It does not put on icon on the desktop.

Locate the installed application called  MMF Configuration Utility  in your programs.

When running it it can open minimized. You should see this, or similar:

Key position

At this point check the key in the cash drawer. Make sure it is set to Neutral  position! This will allow

the drawer to open when a signal is sent to it via the USB connection. The other 2 positions are locked

or open(the drawer will open manually).

Click on the Configure Cash Drawer  button.    

Click on the "Device" pull down on the upper left.

Select "Add Cash Drawer"  Type in the name shown below EXACTLY as it appears.

Select #1 through #7 depending on how the dip switches are set on the device.

Make sure that Interface is set to "USB Interface"

The factory default for the dip switches is usually  "1" and this determines what number cash drawer it is if more than

one is installed but must always be set even if using only one drawer.

DIP switch settings found on the back of the device.

If using another setting set the below label to that number as in "Cash_Drawer#2"

Select ok.

Click on the "Status" button.  You should see the view above indicating the utility sees a

connected device as #1 with the drawer closed  C.  

Select  "Kick", the drawer should open.  You should then see:

O indicates the drawer is open.

Getting MMF Cash Drawer Working with SMSTurbo V10

First you must run "MMFUSBCD.exe" This is located in the \smsturbo folder.

Navigate to that folder and double left click to launch it.

You will see:

Set "Select Cash Drawer Number (0-7)" to the number of the drawer you had used

above. Select the "Open Drawer" button and the drawer should open as long as the cash

box key was set to "Neutral" on the box.

Launch SMSTurbo as a user with Z or administrator privileges.

Navigate to Utilities, Configuration, SMSTurbo, Add On Interfaces.

Double click on the line "Cash Drawer" and browse to the c:\program files(x86)\smsturbo and

select MMFUSBCD.exe.

Select Save and Close.

Exit SMSTurbo V10.

After logging back in create a ticket where payment is applied and select the "print/save" icon.

The Cash Drawer should open.

To MANUALLY open the drawer simply turn the key to the open position on the drawer itself and it will open.