Lookup filters

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SMSTurbo allows Users to apply specific Filters to limit the ids returned in the lookup window

1. Launch  the SMSTurbo Ticketing window.

2. Click the Truck, Customer, Trailer, Orders, Location, Material, or Container Lookup  button.

3. Click the Filter tab.

4. Choose Operator from drop down menu.

5. Enter a Search Value.

6. Apply Filter

Setting the Operator column to anything other than NO FILTER means that column will be included in the filter. Once you choose a row in the Data column, select an Operator and enter a value into that row's Search Value column.

example: Truck filter

A simple example would be:

NOTE : The filter only filters data that is already in the Lookup.

Using the LIKE operator:

When using the like operator you can find partial results.  For example, if you wanted to see all ids that begin with DEV

The percent sign (%) can be used in front of or at the end of any Search Value text to act as a wild card and will return any results that are LIKE the text inside the % field.