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Starting SMSTurbo

1. Once the SMSTurbo V10 Client software has been installed, the icon below will be on the client desktop.  Double click the SMSTurbo icon to launch the program.


2. In the event the SMSTurbo SQL database is at a size close to the maximum supported by its version of SQL a message may

display similar to this if at 80% of capacity or greater.:

3. The user log in screen appears.  Enter a valid user name and password.  See the Users Tools section to configure and setup new user logins for SMSTurbo.

NOTE:  The Login screen may display a reminder in RED TEXT  that you have only XX Days left on your license. By default, SMSTurbo

ships with a 30 day license installed. The number of days remaining to expiration is listed in red at the top of the login screen.  

The SMSTurbo license can be extended or granted by CIS Support personnel.  Payments and signed agreement forms must be recorded

in the Creative Information office for the license to be granted.

If the login screen does not launch, and instead you get the below error message, related to connecting to your SQL database,

check the possible causes, 1 through 4, navigate to Resolving Connection Problems, or contact CIS Support at 603-627-4144.