Libra Systems Import Tool

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Libra Systems Ticketing Import Tool

Libra is a third party ticketing tool used by some Turbo customers.  It is a tool which allows

the importing of  SMSTurbo tickets into that tool.

1. Locate the tool Libraimport.exe in the c:\program files (x86)\smsturbo folder.

2. Run the tool.

3. Select the Libra import file they will use created from Libra.

The weights expressed in the file need to be in the format of tons unless otherwise programmed for other.

Voided tickets should be ignored as a designated buy a V at the beginning of the ticket number.

Orders may need to be associated with a ticket.

4. Run the tool and note there are two currently configured options for 2 of our customers.  

        Type 1  -Libra Asphalt

        Type 2  -Libra Aggregate

4. The tickets are moved into SMSTurbo V10.

The Libra tool does calculations in pounds.