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SMSTurbo Leads Online Export Utility

CIS offers a Leads Online utility that interfaces with the Leads Online service through their website. The service offers their customers a way
to enter transactions onto a national database which is accessible by law enforcement and state and federal material management agencies.

Businesses employing this service are scrap metal dealers, second hand shops, and recyclers. Leads Online MTIS is a metal theft investigation tool for all subscribing businesses.  The SMSTurbo product has offered versions of its interfacing utility in both version 8 SMSTurbo and version 10 SMSTurbo.

     The utility exists as a separate piece of software that is found under the SMSTurbo installation folder.  The customer must have purchased the option to use it. Once run the utility will pull certain data from the SMSTurbo transactions and deliver it via FTP to an Internet based Leads Online server to store a record of that transaction.  The SMSTurbo customer using the application must have an account with Leads Online which needs to be defined in the software. This is usually an account to an FTP server at LOL.

Version 10 SMSTurbo

Locate the file c:\program files (x86)\SMSTurbo\leadsonline.exe

Double click on this file to launch it.

If launching the utility for the first time the setup screen will launch.  

On the General Settings tab:

Enter the Store Number provided by Leads Online.

Enter the FTP user account name and password provided by Leads Online.

Check on the box for "Turn On Application Logs?" to start logging the tool's activity.

Click on the green check mark to save the settings.

On the Image Export Settings tab:

Define the images taken from an SMSTurbo ticket that will be provided to Leads Online.

Optional Includes

Check the box next to each field that you wish to provide to Leads Online as it relates to a SMSTurbo ticket image box.

Under Image Classification define the name of the data object being provided.

Under Camera Position define the position of a camera if a camera is used for that field.

Read the notes in the box to get more information on standards used in Leads Online.

Transaction Type defines its a buy transaction or the purchase of regulated materials.  This cannot be changed.

Click on the green check mark to save your settings. You will see a message that "Leads Online Export will now close to register changes"

Re-launch the SMS Leads Online utility.

Check that the "Information" displayed on the lower left of the main window is pointed to the correct SMS SQL database.

On the main screen select the Field Mapping button.

Use the Field Mapping button to match the values of SMSTurbo fields to fields being sent to Leads Online.

Use SQL Formula to assign custom programming to these fields.

Click on the icon to launch the Data Viewer app.

Data Viewer  (Note: The Data Viewer will display data in the top window after the upload has occurred)

The Data Viewer is another tool which will allow the Leads Online user to view the data created in the export and see the

associated SQL programming which retrieved the value presented.

Double click on the red X icon on the lower right to close the Data Viewer.

Double click the green check mark on the previous page to save the changes and close the Field Mapping setup window.

Performing The Upload

Set the dates for the ticket range you wish to include in the Upload.

Double click on the Upload button to start the upload.

If functioning correctly you will see

If no data is found within the date range you selected on the main screen you will get:

When the upload is completed successfully you will receive a message that the "Upload completed"

You may then go and view this data in the Data Viewer Tool.

When the data export is completed it will deposit a data folder at the specified location for data storage in addition to sending the data

across to Leads Online.