Kodak I2400 Scanner Documentation

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Scanner Document for the Kodak I2400

Load Kodak Drivers and Software.

  1. Load the software drivers first – available on the Kodak web page.  The i2400 has been replaced with the i2420.

  1. Connect the scanner and let the scanner be seen by the PC
  2. Load the CD labeled Capture Pro Software limited edition.  If the CD is unavailable, an image of the CD can be found at


a.  Accept license terms

b. Say no thumb drive when asked

c.   You will need to register the software – then Submit Form.  If you are not prompted for registration, continue.

d.    It will the load the Capture Pro software LE

e.     next.

f.       next.

g.         Install

       You are installing and using the LE program – You do not need to update to Pro for this project



        h.  Finish

        Configure Kodak Capture Pro LE Software.

     1.  Click on desktop icon to start Capture pro        


       2. After the software loads, It will ask you to try Pro for 30 days – say no, you don’t need it.



      a. Your scanner needs to be detected

     b.    Use select button to add scanner.

     4) Configure the scanner software

    1. When loaded, go to File – Import Job Setup

b.     Import Job setup called JPEG Ticket supplied by CIS – (\\cisserver\Sales\Vendors\kodak\JPEG Ticket.zip)  you

will need to browse to that file. You should get message that says complete. The screens below are for information.

The job should set this stuff up automatically. Please verify…..

c.      Select the index tab

d.      The Output Tab- identifies the file will be in JPEG format

e.      The scanner resolution needs to be configured

f.       click on settings

g.     Need to select color 150 DPI  and modify to save as 300  DPI Gray scale. JPEG will only work with a color setup and not black and white.  Rename as…

h.     You need to select color 150 DPI and you will modify this. Also select one side – front and the settings

i.        Click the ‘Settings >’ button to modify the setting to match the following screens and then do a test preview.

j.        Save  (rename if you want) settings.  You must save before you can preview a scan.

Note: You setup scanner for 1 side front –paper needs to be face down to scan

Workstation setup

  1. Choose ‘Select scanner’

                       This job assumes the scanner is of the i2000 family – we tested on i2400.

Scan a document

1. Go to Batch on the menu and click New.

         Or click on the folder with a star:

              2.    Setup a new batch

              3.      Put paper in the scanner – FACE DOWN and TOP Down – The Job is setup for face down.

                   a.   It will start in a few seconds and will scan all the tickets and create a separate JPEG

                          for each ticket and the JPEG name will be the ticket number.


                   b.     The index is hidden on the right side.

   c.       Click the finish flag to convert scanned documents.


Import images into SMSTurbo

                      1)         Run the SMS Image import program to import pictures. The Icon should be on your desk top.  

                      Create the shortcut if it is not there.  The executable is in the SMSTurbo folder.

                                       2)   Find file location in c:\BatchesPro\( the batch number you did)

                                                        Now Scanned Images are in the SMSTurbo® software.

                                                       This document is designed to give an overview of the setup and the process. Not every step is explained.

                                                        Please contact CIS at 603-627-4144 and ask for Support or email us at: support@creativeinfo.net


                                                        1)    The location of where the scanner looks for the bar code can be adjusted:


                                                         2)  The format of the barcode printed by fastreports needs this code enabled:

                                                              Private Sub Barcode2_BeforePrint(ByVal sender As object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

                                                              Dim bcb as FastReport.Barcode.LinearBarcodeBase = new FastReport.Barcode.LinearBarcodeBase()

                                                      bcb.CalcCheckSum = false


                                                      End Sub