Icon Guide

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The SMSTurbo Client installer places two icons onto the User's Desktop.  Double clicking on any icon from the desktop will start the associated SMSTurbo program. Most programs will require an SMSTurbo user login and password. See descriptions of the icons below.

Desktop Icons

Starts the SMSTurbo software where users can create new tickets, view reports, maintain trucks, customers and materials, or connect to the SMSTurbo accounting interface.

Starts the ScaleCom application, an interface between the scale indicator and the SMSTurbo ticketing portion of the software.


SMSTurbo Application Tool Bar Icons

Launches the SMSTurbo Ticket Entry window where tickets are created and maintained.

Provides access to creating and maintaining Trucks, Trailers, Containers, Haulers and Dispatch Info items.

Provides access to creating and maintaining SMSTurbo Customers and Vendors.

Provides access to the Maintain Material window where SMSTurbo Materials are created and maintained.

Provides access to the Maintain Location window where locations are created and maintained.

Provides access to the SMSTurbo Accounting / Integration  interface.

Launches the SMSTurbo Reporting window.

Provides access to the SMSTurbo Utilities interface for configuration and additional tools of SMSTurbo.


Add a material record. It will launch the Add New Detail window.

Removes the selected material record.

Launches the Add new detail window to update the selected material record.

Print a completed ticket. See Ticket Form Selection for printer setup instructions.

Save Ticket Button. Stores the ticket in the database.

Cancels the current ticket. All changes are lost and ticket screen refreshes to blank state.

Browse Tickets Button. Used to recall a saved ticket to the screen.

Previous Ticket Button. Recalls the previous ticket by ticket number.

Next Ticket Button. Recalls the next ticket by ticket number.

Image Devices Buttons.  Click to activate camera or scanner interface and store image(s) with the ticket.

Signature Capture Button. Click to activate signature pad and store driver signature with a ticket.